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My phone was badly cracked for a while. But today, I accidentally dropped my phone in the water. Not knowing what to do I tried to shake out the water. But it was already so damaged that it could not be on. :( but I remembered a few days back I saw the LYK Facebook page. I read the reviews on how good the service was and how much it can be trusted. Without much consideration I've decided to contact LYK using my friend's phone. Within less than a minuet someone answered the call. I was really desperate so I asked if they are still open (it was already about 8++pm) and what time are they opening till. Originally they are suppose to close at 9pm but they said that they could wait for me. When I reached it was already quite late, but they really waited!! :) Someone immediately checked my phone and had it a chemical wash. My phone water damage was very bad. However, Gavin tried his best to savage it. Everything seems really helpless at first, because the motherboard might be affected due to the water damage but Gavin tried his best to savage it. Lucky enough, it could be savage. Thus, I just needed to change the screen, home button and the speaker area. He charged me at a very reasonable price. I wanted to change the power button too but he suggested not to because it might cost quite abit. So I agreed to. He said that I could use the assistive touch instead.

Yeps! Overall, I was really impressed by the service. I would say this is one of the best phone repair shop to go to. Its not only trusted but yet professional :) I would definitely recommend you to go and check it out.


-Rebecca Kwek


I had a really broken iPhone, from what I thought, it was not worth saving. Then I came across this page and decided to see how they are. After a couple of weeks, i decided to repair my phone with them.

Contacting them was very simple. Prompt reply and knowledgeable content without any bs. Quotes of prices were true to said. However, when making payment, the person said
"how much did the person said on the chat?" 
Which made me a little offset but nevertheless, I paid the price of the quote.

Getting there was rather difficult as I managed to get lost. Took 15 minutes to find the place. (ps. turn left right after you exit the mrt and walk straight)

When I arrived to the shop, it was rather cosy, the person greeted us, I told them what I wanted and sat down for approximately 45 minutes. There are games on the table which took up most of my time. As well as refreshments.

After the time, I got back my newly done iPhone, paid and went off. After I got home, I tried checking with them as to why the buttons and the sim tray was not changed. They explained properly. I asked them if they could mail it to me and they did.

This kind of service remarks that they really do care and are very passionate about customer care and service.

I would go as far as saying that this is the best iPhone repair shop in the whole of Singapore."


"Just went to the shop today to ask around the pricing of my phone. I write this review because the service and the staff is impressive. I was reluctant to go to third party repair shop as I was worried from many stories from my friends. But my Friend recommend me to this place saying. Thus I decided to give it a try. When I'm there, the staff did a quick diagnose and quoted me a Super reasonable pricing. I thought I would need to leave my phone there for a day or so. But they told me my phone collection will be done in 15mins! Superb. I decided to have a walk around the building while waiting. After 15mins, their admin team Jayden / zayden called me and tell me that my phone is ready for collection! I really really appreciate your call. This shows how much clients are being appreciated. The repairman also asked if my battery does drain down very fast. And indeed, But I thought it was the software glitch and thus ignore it. He explained that my battery might be a little bit old and thus having some current leakage. He did not force me or push me to change. But nonetheless, ask me go to back and come back to them if I were to really change. I really like their honesty and way out of their service to help clients and advise them through. I doubt any of the repair shops including the authorised one will go way out of service to really help and advice every clients. With their excellent service, I decided to change to the new battery on The Spot as I trust them. True enough, today is after a week I Repair with them. Everything on my phone works perfectly even the battery itself! Thank you team! I 100% recommend going there to fix your iphone and I'll definitely recommend everyone around me to LYK! Best customer service I had in my life."

-Tucker Goon

"My iphone 7 plus was cracked the screen part and the camera both front and back is damaged bcoz it accidentally drop on the road.Because I worried so much I search immediately in the google the best shop for repairing phones. I click the LYK facebook and i contact thru fb messenger and thankfully they reply me promptly.i ask inquiry about my phone problem and they provided me the best solution and they gave me option too. Sophia is so kind and friendly to me. Kevin also is approachable and helpful and sacrifice his own phone camera so that my iphone camera both front and back will be functional. And thank God my phone is totally okay now. Its just the same as a brand new iphone.The service is so quick and i was satisfied with it.I will always be thankful to LYK mobile shop. Tonight i can sleep well because they did a very good job to my smartphone. "

-Princess Z Park

"efficient and good quality. And super fast! Door step service was awesome! Called on feb 26th night and answered call fast, book appointment for 27th feb and when technician arrived, he started right away! Very satusfied. Recommended, and will look for LYK mobile for more services in the future! :)"

-Rachel Pandöra II

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