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Apple Watch Repair in Singapore 

Is your Apple watch in need of repair but not covered under the Apple repair program? Quit searching for “How to fix my Apple watch” or “Apple watch repair near me” and head down to LYK Repair! Whether your Apple watch belongs to Series 1, 2, or 3, our experienced technicians will be able to get it fixed quickly. If you’re worried about the repair and replacement cost for your Apple Watch, don’t be – here at LYK Repair, we offer cheap Apple Watch repair services in Singapore. So, rest assured that you’ll have your watch fixed without having to break the bank! 

Common Repair Works for Apple Watch 

The Apple Watch is probably one of the most useful devices created to assist us in our daily lives. Whether you wish to check your notifications, measure your heartbeat or track your calories burnt after a workout, the Apple Watch will come in handy. However, frequent usage also means that your watch will be more vulnerable to scratches, cracks and other forms of damage that warrant a repair or replacement. 

Here at LYK Repair, our technicians have expertise in offering fixes and replacement parts for a variety of common issues for the Apple Watch, including: 

  • Housing replacement 
  • Glass replacement
  • Display screen replacement and repair 
  • Scratches on aluminum watch body 
  • Paint damage repair 
  • Red exclamation mark fix 
  • Green snake of death fix 
  • Speaker replacement 
  • Motherboard replacement 
  • Digital crown replacement 
  • Charger repair 

Let LYK Repair Fix Your Apple Watch

LYK Repair is your trusty and reliable third-party Apple Watch repair center in Singapore. Apart from delivering high-quality repair service at a reasonable cost, we also provide a three-month warranty for all of our replacement parts. Get a no-obligation quote from us today! If you’re too busy to head down to our repair center, you can opt for our doorstep repair services and get your devices fixed at your location of convenience. Contact us today.