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Thinking of getting a new battery for your old Apple Watch to extend its lifespan? Whether your Apple watch cannot be turned on without being connected to the charger or it is simply not charging at all. It is a sign that your battery is faulty and a new one is needed. Not sure if it is really faulty? Head on down to LYK Mobile and we will run a free diagnostic test for your before you decide on whether you require our Apple Watch battery replacement services.

When you are scouring the internet, searching for “Apple Watch battery replacement near me”, you are bound to find a multitude of service providers who offer Apple Watch battery replacement services at high costs. With a very limited range of service offerings and add-on payment requirements, the time, cost and effort needed to get your Apple Watch battery back into tip-top condition can be overwhelming. But if you need your Apple Watch battery fixed by skilled technicians and with spare parts of the highest quality, look no further than LYK Mobile.

Our fully trained technicians specialise in repairing iOS devices, including the Apple Watch, and with our knowledge and years of experience, you can rest assured that your Apple Watch battery will be replaced in no time. Unlike other repair shops that might have you waiting for hours or even days to complete an Apple Watch battery replacement, our team at LYK Mobile will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the severity of the case.

Why Choose LYK Mobile for Apple Watch Battery Replacement Services?

At LYK Mobile, we understand the hassle of having to deal with your Apple Watch not working optimally or having your battery run out of charge even after charging it overnight. This is why we provide our customers with top-notch Apple Watch repair services, which include battery replacement, all at an affordable cost. We also abide by the no repair, no charges policy. This means that should it be more affordable for you to get a brand new Apple Watch, our team will not push for you to get any repair work done.

Have questions about the cost of our Apple Watch battery replacement services? Contact us today or head down to our service centre to have an expert provide a diagnosis of the issue and provide the best advice on how to resolve the battery issues that you are experiencing with your Apple Watch – whether you have an Apple Watch Series 2 or an Apple Watch Series 6, make LYK Mobile your third-party Apple Watch repair centre of choice in Singapore and revel in repair services at a reasonable cost.

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