12 Best Gifts for iPhone Owners

Wondering what item to get as a Christmas present for your friend who uses an iPhone? Fret not! Here are 15 gift ideas which are 100% practical. Your friend will definitely love the gift that he/she is receiving this year.

  • Portable charger
  • Having a portable charger in the bag is always handy in the event where your iPhone runs of juice. This prevents the user from being frustrated about their phone going flat when they are waiting for an important phone call.
  • Flash drive
  • Flash drives work like a thumb drive. It works well with iPhones and helps to save storage space on it as well.
  • Waterproof and shockproof phone case
  • This is especially suitable for your friend who always drops their phones or spills their cup of water over the table; it will help to minimise the damage done to the phones in the long run.
  • Apple World Travel Adapter Kit
  • For those friends who are avid travellers or have to travel frequently for business, this adapter will surely come in handy to keep your friend connected to the different power sockets around the world.
  • Wireless charger
  • As long as your friend is using iPhone 8 or above, a wireless charger will not go wrong. It provides convenience and most of the charger can charge two or more items simultaneously.
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Having a Bluetooth speaker allows the music to be played and listened to effortlessly. Users will just have to connect it once and it will be an endless stream of your favourite tunes.
  • Apple gift card
  • There are two types of gift cards available – Apple Gift Card and Apple Store Gift Card. The former can be used in the App Store, Music app, iTunes, and more. The latter can only be used in an Apple Store in Singapore. Be sure to check which you are paying for! 
  • Car mount phone holder
  • Is your gift recipient someone who drives? If he/she is, a car mount holder is the best gift to get as he/she will be able to navigate around the road much more easily.
  • Phone camera lens attachment
  • A typical lens kit includes a wide angle, macro, and fish-eye lens.
  • Selfie stick tripod
  • If you friend aspires to be a Facebook live streamer, a selfie stick tripod will definitely help him/her to get started. Not only can the tripod be used to take videos hand free, it also works as a selfie stick too.
  • Fast charging lightning cable
  • When your phone is on low battery but there’s an important task to do on the phone, a lightning cable will be able to speed up the charging process.
  • Phone armband holder
  • Have you tried to run 3km with your phone in your hand? If you have, you will know how inconvenient it is to be clutching tightly to your phone for the entire run. It only gets worse if you are prone to sweaty palms. Hence, an armband holder is perfect for your friend who goes on runs often.

Though these items might seem unnecessary, your friend will definitely thank you after using it for a period of time as it really will bring convenience to them.

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