iPhone X crack screen repair Singapore

Looking for iPhone X repair in Singapore ?

We provide the cheapest and fastest iPhone X crack screen repair in Singapore!
Iphone x cracked glass repair & replacement. Best iphone X repairs.

Repair will be done on the spot In not more than 20minutes.  100 days warranty is provided 

If you are too busy to leave your work, or wants to spend more time with your family, Fret not!

LYK Repair provides doorstep on the spot repair service for your beloved iPhone X cracked screen.

Common Screen repair issues you should know!

1. Cracked iphone x screen

2. Touchscreen insensitive, ghost touch on iphone x

3. No display on iphone x lcd

4. Flickering screen display on iphone x

5. Green lines appearing after impacts to the iphone x lcd

Find out more from us today! 

Call / Whatsapp us @ 9025 2185 

Website : www.lykrepair.com

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