Doorstep iPhone repair service

Doorstep iphone repair service in singapore. Does it work? How did we started it.

It wasn't easy starting out a new service in singapore that no one was familiar with. People was very skeptical about us going to their place to repair their iPhone crack screen or iPad crack screen.

during 2014, when we first started out, there wasn't a lot of reliable repair shops in singapore. Most of them couldn't get the device fix on the spot or on the same day because of lack of experience, or lack of ready stocks. Thus, most of them will usually outsource ur device, to another repair shop without telling you and thus, requiring 2-3 days even for the most simple repair.

When we first executed this doorstep service, clients was afraid that we might be a scam. Since most repair shop can't do repair on the spot, moreover, we do it on the spot in 15mins at their doorstep.

Days by days, years by years, time pass by. Thankfully, we have a huge pool of supportive clients that trust our service and really like the service that LYK Repair rendered to them. Now, everyone is very thankful for the doorstep service that we had provided them, because it really does save all the trouble for their device.

Have you tried our doorstep repair service for your damaged iPhone or iPad screen replacement?

Call or WhatsApp 9025 2185 now ! 

LYK Repair Service Centre

The Commerze @ Irving

1 irving place #02-07

Singapore 369546 

Opening hour : 11am - 9pm Daily 

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