How did your iPhone screen cracked?

Is your iphone screen cracked? Do you ever wonder why do iPhone screen crack for no reason and what are the highest possibility that an iPhone screen might get damaged? Today we will share why!

We have recently did a survey from our clients of how their iPhone screen got their cracked screen or damaged iPhone lcd
among 150 of them, 124 of them claimed that they dropped it while walking, 17 of them has got crack screen by sleeping with their phone and accidentally drop it. Other 9 of our clients claimed that their devices cracked with no reason

So, could it be possible that your iPhone screen cracked with no reason?

Here’s what LYK Repair found out. Technically speaking, it is impossible for any form of glass to be cracked by itself. Nonetheless, it could be that the glass was being dropped and impacted a few times before the crack happened and has got internal damage. Thus, any slight impact being done to the screen will therefore, cause the screen to be cracked.

Iphone cracked screen or iPhone crack lcd has been a huge nightmare for iPhone users. Some couldn’t see the screen, cut their fingers or the touch screen function might be not working.

But its not longer a nightmare for clients anymore! LYK Repair are able to easily repair your iPhone cracked screen on the spot in 15 minutes with 100 days warranty.
Moreover, we also provide doorstep repair service for clients so that busy clients do not have to leave their place to source for an reliable on the spot repair service centre (not knowing if they has got ready stocks).

Do you have a crack screen too? Do share with us on what happened to your device, or contact us to find out more of what are the solution we have for your crack screen!

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