How to Customise your iPhone iPad Home Screen with the release of the iOS 14

Great news to Apple users! You will be able to customize your home screen to your liking with iOS 14! Now, you will not have to be envious of Android users who have been able to do that since the start of time.

iOS 14 Widgets Features 

Adding widgets to your Home Screen allows you to view the information from your selected applications quickly. For instance, you can add the Calendar widget to view your itinerary for the day, the Weather widget to look at the weather forecast, and Notes widget for ease of access to it.

In iOS 14, there are three widget sizes available. The smallest takes up four apps and forms a square; medium one takes up eight apps and forms a horizontal rectangle; while the largest takes up 16 apps and forms a big square.

How to Add Widgets 

It is extremely easy to get started with adding widgets to your home screen. Simply press and hold an empty space on your home screen, till the apps start to shake around (just like how it looks like when you want to delete apps). Alternatively, you can press and hold any app till it starts to shake, followed by ‘Edit Home Screen’.

Do remember that your iPhone has to be updated to iOS 14.

After the apps start shaking, tap on the plus icon on the top left corner. In the next screen, you will be able to see the list of widgets that are available on your phone. Choose the widget that you want to add to your home screen.

After selecting your desired widget, you will have to choose the size from the three different sizes available. Once done, tap ‘Add Widget’. You will be redirected back to the home screen, with the new addition of widget and the apps still shaking about.

To move the widget, press and hold like how you would normally do for the normal-sized apps. After you are satisfied with the arrangement of the widgets and apps, tap ‘Done’ at the top right corner.

What is, and How to, Smart Stack 

Having too many widgets will definitely make your home screen look untidy and unaesthetic. To prevent this from happening, you can use the option to Smart Stack your widgets. In this function, widgets of the same size will be stacked above each other, as the name suggests.

Smart Stack can be added to your home screen, under the widgets list. Select the size that you want and your phone will do the remaining work. What makes this function ‘Smart’ is that Apple will alternate the layers according to the relevancy of the widget at the time of use.

Is Smart Stack Customizable? 

Smart Stack can be customized according to which layers you want to stack up. Simply drag the same-sized widgets that you want to stack above each other. The order of the stack can also be edited by pressing and holding the stacked widgets, followed by ‘Edit Stack’.

Now that you know how to edit your home screen, screenshot your final work on your Instagram Story and tag us!

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