How to Ensure a Long-lasting Battery Life For iPhones

With the advancement of technology mixed with the realisation that a pandemic can put distance between people, it has become evident how much we rely on our phones to maintain connections. Hence, it can be frustrating when a dead phone is standing between you and your loved ones being able to see and talk to one another. After all, everyone wants longer-lasting smartphones and there's nothing more disappointing than your device letting you down whenever you need it the most.

When it comes to iPhones, the battery is a bit of a mystery box, even paying a visit to Singapore’s Apple Service Centre wouldn’t help you much. Fortunately, you do not have to stay in the dark. Admittedly, the iPhone’s battery life has been the subject of many debates, and unfortunately, the verdict usually is not the most positive. General issues include the battery draining fast despite having charged it for hours or wondering if you need to update your phone to get optimal battery life. Despite the incredible functionality of the phone, the biggest disadvantage and inconvenience of owning any type of iPhone is its subpar battery life.

However, fear not, for there are many tips and tricks you can adopt to ensure a long-lasting battery life for iPhones. Understanding your iPhone battery capacity and cultivating the best practices to achieve them will help your battery withstand the test of time. Read closely to find out how to maintain your battery’s health at optimal levels!

Tips to Ensure Long-lasting Battery Life

1. Low Power Mode

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to ensure a prolonged battery life just involves the slide of a button. The Low Power mode is the best setting to enable if you are concerned about battery life. It automatically reduces the brightness of your display and also strategically cuts down on background activity to give you the opportunity to keep your phone alive to use it for what is absolutely necessary. It usually automatically kicks in when the battery falls below 20%, however, you can practice activating it manually when battery levels are above 20% to keep your phone going for even longer.

2. Shut Down Apps

Do a little investigative work. Head into your phone settings and analyse which applications are using the most battery power when the phone is not charging. Note these applications down. If you find that some of these applications are not ones you need constant updates from, head to your settings again and manually toggle each app’s auto-refresh. Disabling background app refresh will prevent apps from constantly checking their servers for updates or notifications to push to your phone. You do not need to worry about it having any effect on how the application works, the only difference is that it might take a moment longer to surface new information when you return to them.

3. Airplane Mode

In areas of poor reception, airplane mode is the way to go. When you are in an area with no cellular coverage or a low signal, your iPhone is draining the battery looking for a signal or trying to connect. It will allow your iPhone to save its battery until you can get to a place with a better connection.

4. Use Wi-Fi whenever possible

Wi-Fi uses less power than a cellular connection. Hence, connecting to Wi-Fi whenever possible would maximise the battery life of your iPhone. Go to your settings and turn on your Wi-Fi assist, it would help your phone to reach the internet faster. While you are at your settings, also check out the applications that hog data, and cut off its access to cellular data by toggling it off.

5. Check your battery health

One of the reasons for your battery draining may be because it’s time to replace your iPhone battery. It could be old and hence no longer functioning in optimal condition. To check on the health of your battery simply head on over to your settings. Under Battery, tap on Battery Health. It will show you the “Maximum Capacity”, which is a measurement of battery capacity relative to when it was new. This will give you an indication of whether it is time to seek out a battery replacement. If the capacity is below 80%, it could be indicative of why your iPhone

If you feel the need to change your iPhone battery, here is an option for you - LYK Repair provides you with door to door, on the spot iPhone battery replacement in 15 minutes, at your comfort. They also provide free diagnosis or your battery health and motherboard before changing your battery. This option is far more affordable and efficient than getting the battery fixed at Apple Service Centres in Singapore, as they might not offer a 1-1 replacement, but instead persuade you to opt for an exchange to a refurbished Apple device.

There could be many reasons leading to poor battery health. Remember to keep these tips in mind the next time you notice it draining faster than usual. Regularly check your battery health as well, and get your phone’s battery changed to have an optimum and long-lasting battery life!

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