Which one has a better screen display quality? (iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus)

I am uncertain about you guys but when i purchase a new iphone, the display resolution matters the most to me , followed by camera , speaker quality etc. Not sure whether iphone X or iphone 8 series suits you more? Here's some tips for you guys ! 

" There is one other thing to say about the display on the iPhone X - it's an OLED screen that Apple is calling a Super Retina display.

  • The iPhone X display has a TrueTone, 2436x1125-pixel resolution at 458ppi, with 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.
  • The iPhone 8 display offers a Retina Display, 1334x750-pixel resolution at 326ppi, and a 1400:1 contrast ratio.
  • The iPhone 8 Plus display is a Retina Display, 1920x1080 pixel resolution at 401ppi, and a 1300:1 contrast ratio.

This is the first time an iPhone has been available with an OLED screen. OLEDs have a lot of excellent features including absolute blacks - hence that 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio - and a wider viewing angle.

When we used the iPhone X we were impressed. Colours were bold and bright, and the whites more true to life, also perhaps a shade more yellowy than on the iPhone 8 Plus, which seemed have a bluer tint. In comparison to the iPhone 8 Plus dark areas were brighter and clearer. This is thanks to the other feature of the screen - HDR (high dynamic range) - which expands the range of both contrast and colour.

When we watched dark scenes in movies there was a lot more clarity on the iPhone X than on the other iPhone models.

The problem with OLEDs is they can suffer from screen-burn - a 'ghost' image that remains on the screen (something plaguing the Google Pixel 2). Colour shifting can also be a problem. Apple says that it has taken steps to guard against this. "

Well, iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X both pack Apple’s True Tone technology, adopted from the iPad Pro, which automatically adjusts color temperature based on surrounding ambient light to make content more comfortable. I love this feature. I think it really helps with reading articles and blogs. It makes the screen look a little bit richer and less harsh on my eyes.

Sourced from ; https://www.macworld.co.uk/review/iphone/iphone-8-vs-iphone-x-3664120/

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