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The latest iPhone X has been boasted as one of the world’s most state-of-the-art and revolutionary personal mobile device. The eleventh successor of the original iPhone made its way to consumers on 3rd November in 2017. It was all anyone talked about when it came to mobile phones.

The device adopts an OLED screen technology using glass and stainless steel. It also has a superb image resolution of 4000 x 3000 Pixels. Moreover, the device is also water and dust resistant. Powered by an A11 Bionic, this smartphone remains one of Apple’s most ground-breaking devices in store.

Unfortunately, this smarter and newer device still has its pitfalls. In spite of premium materials, the device is not crack resistant. In fact, this mobile phone is more prone to screen cracks and scratches.

Even worst – iPhone X costs a bundle to repair in Singapore. Some technicians tend to overcharge just because the device is so prone to external damage.

Fortunately for you, LYK Mobile is here to save the day and restore your mobile phone back to life.

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Specializing in screen replacement, LYK Mobile offers top-notched iPhone X screen repair services in Singapore. We extend our services all across the island and strive to fix your iPhone within half an hour’s time!

With professional services as well as reasonable and affordable prices, we are the go-to website for iPhone X repair in Singapore. We have professional technicians who have had numerous years of experience in the field, low cost and affordable prices, fast and efficient services.

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