iPad 7 ScreenRepair & Battery Replacement in Singapore

Need to fix your damaged iPad 7? LYK Mobile provides top-notch iPad repair across multiple branches in Singapore.

LYK Mobile offers affordable and reliable iPad 7 screen replacement services, battery replacements and more in Singapore - doorstep and on-the-spot repair services available. 

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iPad 7 Screen Repair and More

When you need to get your Apple iPad 7th generation fixed, look no further than LYK Mobile for the best quality screen replacement and repair services. Whether your iPad 7 has cracked glass and needs a shiny new screen or you need its battery operating at optimal levels again, our team will be able to provide the necessary support. Watch us give your iPad 7 a new screen or battery in less than an hour! 

Where to Repair Your iPad 7 in Singapore?

LYK provides on-the-spot iPad 7 repair in the comforts of your own home. Regardless of your location, you can get your iPad fixed. Warranty is also provided upon repair! You can also find the best services for your iPad 7 at any of our branches in Singapore. From iPad 7 battery replacement to screen repair, LYK is one of the leading repair service providers in Singapore. The most common services include:

Reliable iPad 7th Generation Screen Replacement Services

Need to fix your damaged iPad 7 screen? With our skilled technicians, you can enjoy fast and reliable iPad 7 screen repair services at a cost that will not put a hole in your pocket. Our iPad screen repair service comes with a 100-day warranty so that you can have peace of mind knowing that if your iPad 7 screen still has issues within the warranty period, you can always come back to LYK to have the issue rectified at no additional cost. 

iPad 7 Battery Replacement

Does your iPad 7 run out of power within a few minutes, or struggle to charge? Get your iPad 7 battery back to a functional condition with our iPad battery replacement services. Within 30 minutes, we’ll replace your iPad 7 battery so that you’ll never have to charge it overnight again. If you’re thinking about getting your iPad 7 battery replaced, make an appointment for doorstep on-site replacement services or visit our branches to have your iPad 7 battery replaced on the spot.

Why Choose LYK Mobile for iPad 7 Screen Repair & Battery Replacement?

LYK Mobile is a reliable and professional iPad 7 screen replacement service provider in Singapore. We offer on-the-spot iPad 7 screen and battery replacements on-site or at your home at affordable prices, so you don’t have to go out of your way just to get it fixed. We can fix any issues with your iPad 7 whether it is broken, cracked or damaged. Get in touch with our team, who are more than willing to help you out. We promise to deliver the best service and have all repairs done in no time.