iPad Air 4 Repair & Screen Replacement in Singapore

Need some repair work done on your damaged iPad Air 4? LYK Mobile provides on-the-spot iPad repair across our various branches in Singapore.

We provide iPad Air 4th Gen screen replacement services, battery replacement and more at a cost that will not break your bank. Scroll down to find out more about our various repair services for your damaged iPad Air 4!

Not sure what is your device model ? Call us at 9025 2185 or 9679 2229, we can assist you.

iPad Air 4 Screen Replacement & More

Whether you have just run into a problem or want to keep your iPad Air 4th generation in tip-top shape, LYK Mobile has all the services you need in Singapore. Our fully trained technicians specialise in repairing iOS devices, and with our friendly service, you can rest assured that your iPad Air 4 will be back in working condition in no time. Unlike other repair shops that might have you waiting for hours or even days to get your iPad fixed, our team at LYK mobile will take approximately 30 - 45 minutes for on-the-spot repair. And all repair work will be done without affecting your data!

Where to Repair iPad Air 4 in Singapore?

We are an experienced team of Apple iPad repair professionals and know the ins and outs of each model. We work on iPad Air 4th generation and other models of all sizes and configurations for screen repair to battery replacement, LCD screen, fixing motherboards and home buttons at affordable costs. Some of the most common services we provide at LYK Mobile include:

iPad Air 4 Gen Screen Replacement 

Get your iPad Air 4th screen replacement done without hassle. With our doorstep service, all you have to do is schedule an appointment and our representatives will arrive at your location to perform workshop-quality screen replacements on your iPad Air 4th generation on the spot.

iPad Air 4 Battery Replacement

Want to visit our LYK Mobile centre in Singapore for iPad Air 4 battery replacements? We’ve got your back. Just bring your iPad Air 4 to our workshop near Tai Seng MRT station for on-the-spot repairs, and we’ll get it fixed at an affordable price. Prefer to have our reliable specialists travel to you? Doorstep service is also available for iPad Air 4 battery replacements. And forget worrying about any additional charges should you leverage this service - transportation fees will be included in the total repair cost. 

Why Choose LYK Mobile for iPad Air 4 Repair Services?

At LYK, we understand the hassle of having to deal with a device that is not working optimally. This is why we provide our customers with refreshing beverages and a place to unwind while we make the necessary repairs. We also offer high-speed Wi-Fi, an entertainment system and table games if you wish to keep entertained until your device is ready. We also abide by the no repair, no charges policy. This means that if your device cannot be repaired and it is more cost-efficient to get a new one, we will not push for any repair services. 

Have questions about the cost of repairing your iPad Air 4 screen or our battery replacement services? Contact us today or head down to our service centre to have an expert diagnose the problem and provide the best advice on how to resolve the screen or battery issues you are experiencing with your iPad Air 4th Gen.