iPhone 11 Pro Camera, Screen, Battery Replacement & More

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iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement, Camera Repair & More

Did the camera lens of your iPhone 11 Pro crack? Or perhaps the battery of your iPhone 11 Pro runs out of charge extremely quickly? Whatever the issue might be, you do not have to fork out an enormous amount of money to get yourself a new phone. Instead, our team of smartphone repair experts in Singapore will be able to restore your phone to good condition.

iPhone 11 Pro was one of the first iPhones to come in a midnight green shade. Claimed to be one of the best camera phones in the market, it features a new camera system. Possessing the best low-light camera and a 12 MP selfie camera that records in 4K, capturing crisp shots is a breeze with this device. Beyond its Tri-Camera set-up, the handset comes with a brighter display, new processor, iOS, and amazing battery life. Nonetheless, the device is still susceptible to damage. From cracked camera lenses and screens to decreased battery capacity, users have been actively seeking our help to repair and replace the damaged parts of their phones. Based in Singapore, LYK Mobile ensures the best repair service for all iPhone 11 Pro repairs and replacements. Utilizing our expertise and experience on spare parts, tools, experience, and programs, our team of experts can restore your handset quickly and at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

Require iPhone 11 Pro Repair Services on the Go?

We all know how important our phones are – but what if your entire front screen cracked and shards of tiny glass pricked your finger whenever you glided over it? Maybe you dropped your phone, and the camera lens cracked too? Putting on a simple screen protector or only taking pictures with the front camera might not rectify the problem. Quit the late-night searches on Google for “iPhone 11 Pro repair near me”, because LYK Mobile can assist!
At LYK Mobile, we offer door-to-door and on-the-spot iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement, camera repair, battery replacement, among other repair services whereby you might be in Singapore. Whether you’re at home or in the office, our tech specialists will offer their services as soon as you book an appointment. On-standby from 11 am to 12 am every day, simply contact us at 90252185 or 96792229 and our specialists will be on their way to repair your device within 15 to 30 minutes – unless the case is severe. 
Alternatively, you can hop on over to our service center, which is just a few minutes' walk away from Tai Seng MRT Exit A.

What Type of iPhone 11 Repair Services Does LYK Mobile Offer?

At LYK Mobile, we offer the following iPhone 11 Pro services at affordable costs:

  1. iPhone 11 Pro Crack Screen Repair & Replacement
  2. iPhone 11 Pro LCD Repair & Replacement
  3. iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement
  4. iPhone 11 Pro Charging Port Replacement
  5. iPhone 11 Pro Back Camera Repair & Replacement
  6. iPhone 11 Pro Selfie Camera Repair & Replacement
  7. iPhone 11 Pro Motherboard Repair
  8. iPhone 11 Home Button Repair
  9. iPhone 11 Pro Speaker Repair
  10. iPhone 11 Pro Water Damage Repair
  11. iPhone 11 Pro Side Button Repair
  12. iPhone 11 Pro Housing Repair
  13. iPhone 11 Pro Wi-Fi Reconfiguration                         

Are you facing any of the above-mentioned issues? Get in touch with our team in Singapore, and we will find the best-fit solution to resolve them. 

Keeping All Repair and Replacement Services Affordable

Whether your iPhone 11 Pro camera is cracked, or you need us to replace your iPhone 11 battery, cost should not be a worry when you hire the services of LYK Mobile. All about providing clients with instant repair pricing and a 30 to 100-day warranty, you can rest assured that our services are top-notch. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us for a free quotation today!



iPhone 12 Pro max

100 $

iPad screen repair

25 $