iPhone 11 Repair in Singapore

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iPhone 11 Repair in Singapore | iPhone 11 Phone Screen Repair Singapore

Is your iPhone 11 not performing at its best and you are thinking of getting it replaced? Why not try getting it repaired at LYK Repair instead? This way, you will be able to extend the life of your expensive iPhone and avoid paying an exorbitant amount of money on a brand-new phone.
With our skilled in-house technicians, we will be able to solve a myriad of problems that could come up when using an iPhone 11, at a low cost. Whether it is a wonky battery, a cracked screen, a cracked camera lens, or a frozen screen, we will be able to replace your faulty parts with high-quality spare parts available at our shop.

Common Issues in an iPhone 11

1. Camera

The iPhone 11 is one of the most recent models that have been released by Apple in recent years. Equipped with two cameras at the back - ultra-wide and wide camera, the phone has one of the top camera capabilities in the market. But having two cameras also makes the phone more vulnerable to a cracked camera lens. However, a pair of cracked camera lenses doesn’t render your iPhone 11 useless as you can easily get them fixed or replaced at LYK Repair whenever you need to.

2. Screen

By eliminating the home button completely, Apple has successfully increased the size of the screens on its iPhones. While this is good news for users who love binging on K-dramas or Netflix series, it could spell trouble for the butterfingers out there who constantly drop their phones since a wider screen that stretches to the edge of the phone means a higher vulnerability to cracks on impact. But there is no reason to be fazed by a cracked phone screen since LYK Repair can replace your iPhone 11’s screen with a brand new one in less than an hour, at an affordable cost. Did we mention that we can repair LCD damage to your screen as well?

3. Battery

The iPhone 11 can last more than a couple of years with proper care, but that doesn’t mean that a full charge will last as long as a brand new phone. A phone’s battery life will continue to decrease in capacity and deplete faster once it has reached its maximum number of charging cycles. This is absolutely normal, but it also doesn’t mean that your phone will never perform optimally again. A simple battery replacement at LYK Repair can help your phone return to its former glory again.

Get Your iPhone 11 Repaired in No Time

Can’t take time out of your busy schedule to get your iPhone 11 repaired? Simply make an appointment with us and our skilled technicians will make the trip down to meet you at your convenience to fix your faulty iPhone. Here at LYK Repair, we offer door-to-door, on-the-spot service for individuals who simply cannot afford to make time to visit a repair shop to get their phones fixed. Whether you are working from home or at the office, we can service your device wherever you need us to.

Our Full Range of Reparation Services for the iPhone 11 includes:

  1. Cracked screen replacement
  2. Memory upgrade
  3. Data recovery
  4. Faulty LCD display replacement
  5. Back housing replacement
  6. Rear camera lens flare
  7. Faulty battery replacement
  8. Faulty front camera replacement
  9. Faulty charging port
  10. Faulty speaker or microphone
  11. Faulty volume buttons
  12. Frozen screen
  13. Faulty boot loop

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