iPhone 12 Mini Repair in Singapore

The iPhone 12 Mini is Apple’s lightest and thinnest 5G smartphone yet, and is able to keep up with Apple’s larger smartphones despite its size. Needless to say, we understand how frustrating it can be when your iPhone 12 Mini is damaged or begins to malfunction. However, fret not as we offer ample repair and replacement services even for the iPhone 12 Mini. From Original iPhone Battery Replacement approved by Apple to cracked screen and motherboard replacements, our range of services is wide.

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iPhone 12 Mini Repair

LYK Mobile’s skilled technicians are able to provide common services such as iPhone battery replacement, screen repair, and back glass replacement to have your phone be as good as new again. From broken screens to overheating batteries, we have what it takes to deliver your iPhone 12 Mini to you fully functional again - all at an affordable cost. 

How to Know if Your iPhone 12 Mini Needs Repair?

There are many possible causes of why your iPhone 12 Mini’s performance is declining. The possible damages could be in the motherboard, charging port, or even the battery. For instance, if you notice that your iPhone 12 Mini is constantly overheating, that’s a likely sign that you’ll need an iPhone 12 Mini battery replacement to avoid further damage. 

Additionally, if your iPhone 12 Mini has a cracked screen glass, have it repaired as soon as possible. Cracked screens can worsen the damage and might affect the iPhone 12 Mini’s LCD screen. 

Why Choose LYK Mobile for iPhone 12 Mini Repair?

Our comprehensive services include iPhone 12 Mini screen repair, battery replacement, and even back glass replacement. One of the best things about choosing LYK Mobile is that our repair and replacement costs are budget-friendly, and we provide quality service without charging you any hidden costs. 

If you want to know more about our iPhone 12 Mini repair costs and services, schedule an appointment with us today. Alternatively, you may contact us and we can have you redirected to one of our nearest branches to you.