iPhone 12 Repair in Singapore

The iPhone 12 delivers astonishing performance compared to its predecessors. However, in spite of its impressive key features, many iPhone 12 owners might still encounter problems with their phone’s battery life, damage to the back glass, or a broken screen – common issues for any smartphone owner today.

LYK Mobile offers affordable and reliable iPhone 12 repair services including iPhone 12 screen replacement in Singapore. Scroll down to find out more about our different iPhone 12 repair services!

Not sure what is your device model ? Call us at 9025 2185 or 9679 2229, we can assist you.

iPhone 12 Repair

Here at LYK Mobile we value being able to restore and repair your Apple devices to a top-quality standard. Our iPhone 12 all-inclusive services ensure that your phone is restored or repaired to working condition in a matter of hours, and at an affordable cost.

Our highly-talented technicians offer many services including replacement of the screen or battery, repairing faulty LCD displays, and motherboard repair. If you want to know more about our services in Singapore, you may contact us at 90252185 (general hotline) or at 96992229 (SMS or WhatsApp).

Where to Find iPhone 12 Repair Services in Singapore?

At LYK Mobile, we offer top-quality iPhone 12 screen repairs, battery replacements, back glass replacements, and other repair services at our branches in Singapore. You may visit one of our stores and we will repair your iPhone 12 within the same day where possible. Please refer to a specific store page for more information on opening hours and contact numbers.

Our phone repair shop at Tai Seng is located next to Tai Seng MRT station. We even have an open pantry in our Tai Seng branch where you can have a delight of snacks and refreshments while you wait for your iPhone 12 to be repaired. 

If you live near the West of Singapore, our LYK Repair Jurong branch is conveniently located at 2 Venture Dr, Vision Exchange. Those living in the North and North-West of Singapore can also head to our iPhone repair shop in Woodlands at Woodlands Square Tower 1 to enjoy repair services by our highly-skilled technicians.