Apple MacBook Repair in Singapore

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Apple MacBook Repair in Singapore

MacBook Water Damage, LCD Screen Repair & More

Whether you cracked the display screen of your MacBook Pro or damaged the battery of your MacBook Air or the like, our MacBook repair experts in Singapore are armed with the intangible knowledge and repair expertise to get your laptops back to tip-top condition.

The go-to laptop for students and creative professionals alike, the MacBook line-up – MacBook Pro and MacBook Air – has since been released in a variety of models over the years. Undergoing modest updates and delivering pro-performance notebook graphics and top-notch functions, every new launch is met with unsurmountable hype. However, with high-tech features like Touch ID, Force Touch trackpads, revamped butterfly-style keyboards, and high-end processors, the good old ‘Off and On’ trick will no longer suffice in rectifying minor issues. Given the ever-expanding list of complex tech, high-quality spare parts are critical to a quality repair.

From old MacBook repair to water damage repairs, users have been coming to us, a third-party MacBook repair service provider, to get their MacBook back working the way it should. Based in Singapore, LYK Mobile offers the best service for all MacBook repairs and replacements. We tap on our extensive expertise on tool kits and programmes to repair and restore your Apple MacBook at affordable prices and speed without compromising quality.

Where to Repair a MacBook in Singapore?

So, you’ve looked up “3rd party MacBook repair near me” or “MacBook repair sg”, only to be bombarded by a list of service providers in Singapore. From requesting for payment before the job is done to additional charges for doorstep repair services, the hidden costs in the fine print of such third-party MacBook repair services can be off-putting. But what if the clock is ticking, and you desperately need to get your MacBook up and running again? At LYK Mobile, we provide same-day doorstep repair service work ranging from screen repair to battery replacement, amongst others, for your Apple MacBook. Whether you are at home or in the office, our experienced technicians will be there to assist you in any way possible. And guess what? They are on standby from 11 am to 12 am!

Alternatively, you can also drop by our repair service centre to get your Apple MacBook fixed. Located minutes away from Tai Seng MRT station, heading down means cheaper, on-the-spot repairs. Or, if you stay in West, you can head to our repair centre at Jurong East to get your MacBook repaired. So, if you are looking to save costs on your MacBook repair, hop on over to our service centre any time from 11 am to 9 pm.

What Type of MacBook Repair Services Does LYK Repair Offer?

At LYK, we provide the following Apple MacBook repair services at affordable costs:

  1. MacBook Crack Screen Repair & Replacement
  2. MacBook LCD Repair & Replacement
  3. MacBook Battery Replacement
  4. MacBook Keyboard Replacement
  5. MacBook Trackpad Repair & Replacement
  6. MacBook Sensor Pad Replacement
  7. MacBook Speaker/Buzzer Repair
  8. MacBook USB/Charging Port Repair & Replacement
  9. MacBook Wi-Fi Connection Reconfiguration
  10. MacBook OS Reinstallation
  11. MacBook Motherboard Repair
  12. MacBook Water Damage Repair
  13. MacBook Staingate Fix
  14. Repair For Scratches On MacBook Aluminium Body
  15. MacBook GPU Repair
  16. MacBook 2017 SSD Replacement
  17. MacBook Dent Repair

Experiencing a lagging or slow MacBook? Or, perhaps your MacBook beeps 3 times and refuses to start up. No worries, just get in touch with our team in Singapore and be spared from having to figure out how to fix a slow MacBook! Our expert technicians will find out the best solution to resolve any of the issues you may be facing with your MacBook.

A MacBook Repair Store that Keeps Things Affordable

Whether you’re looking to repair your old MacBook or get a speaker replacement, you do not have to worry about the cost of hiring our repair services. Utilising high-quality spare parts, you can rest assured that quality is never compromised. Add to that a 30 to 100-day warranty, and you’ll see why we’re one of the most reliable yet wallet-friendly third-party MacBook repair service providers in Singapore. Contact our repair team at LYK Mobile and get a free MacBook repair quotation based on your model and issue.

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