iPad motherboard repair

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What do i expect when i bring my iPad for repair? 

When you walk into our repair centre with an iPad that  has motherboard issue, LYK specialist will  run a free diagnostic test to find out whats the issue. It may be software issue, hardware issue and most of the time it could be one of the motherboard ic chip faulty. 

We will assign an iPad motherboard specialist to be the in charge of your repair and he will explain the diagnostic result and have a discussion with you for you to understand the issue better. 

LYK Specialist is like another friend to you, he will advise you of what you should do next, and at an unfortunate event if the damage is too severe which may be too costly and not worth in to repair, he will be unbiased and advise you accordingly to your need, and provide a solution which benefits you the best. 

LYK Repair service centre does offer buy back damaged or spoilt iPads programme, this is beneficial especially for clients who have badly damaged iPads and wish to dispose them anyways.

Our iPad Motherboard Experts Can Solve All Your Ipad Motherboard IC Issue

Here is the list of the most common motherboard connections and circuit chips that our professionals can easily repair. The repair takes 30-45 min on the spot. 

  • Power management IC (PMIC) 
  • CPU (Central processing unit) 
  • Wifi IC 
  • Charging IC 
  • Baseband IC
  • Display IC 
  • Embedded Multi-Media Controller (eMMC) 
  • Audio IC
  • Touch IC 

However , if your iPad’s Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has been severely damaged or the motherboard has been damaged because of water then iPad motherboard repair services are not possible.