Trusted Samsung S21 Phone Repair In Singapore

LYK Mobile Repair is your trusted partner for Samsung S21 phone repair services in Singapore. If you're facing issues with your Samsung Galaxy S21 — be it with your camera, display screen or anything else — we're here to provide expert solutions. Our team of skilled technicians specialises in Samsung device repairs, ensuring that your Samsung Galaxy S21 is in capable hands. We use only genuine Samsung parts to guarantee optimal performance after every repair and replacement, and with a commitment to a fast turnaround time, we aim to minimise any disruption to your day. Plus, our warranty on all repairs and competitive pricing make us the top choice for Samsung S21 users seeking reliable and efficient repair services. 

Trust LYK Mobile Repair to restore your Samsung S21 to its full functionality.

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Our Repair Services For Your Damaged & Spoilt Samsung S21

Samsung S21 users frequently encounter common issues such as cracked screens, LCD problems, battery drainage, and charging port difficulties. At LYK Mobile Repair, we understand the unique needs of Samsung S21 owners. Rest assured, our team of experts is well-versed in addressing these specific concerns, ensuring that your Samsung S21 operates flawlessly. Regardless of the issue you are dealing with, we are your trusted solution. Bid farewell to phone hassles and welcome a seamless Samsung S21 experience.

Samsung S21: Cracked Screen Repair & Replacement

Cracked screens on your Samsung S21 can come in various forms, from barely noticeable hairline cracks to extensive spiderweb patterns and even shattered displays. These cracks typically occur due to accidental drops or the application of excessive force or pressure on the screen. 

At LYK Mobile Repair, we understand the frustration of a damaged display screen, and that's why we offer a swift and reliable cracked screen repair and replacement service. Our expert technicians are well-versed in handling different types of screen damage, ensuring that your device looks and functions like new. We use genuine Samsung parts to guarantee quality front glass repairs and replacements. With an expected repair duration of just 60-90 minutes, we aim to minimise your device's downtime. 

While you can take steps to care for your Samsung phone screens, we strongly advise against attempting DIY fixes, as they can often lead to further damage. 

For a hassle-free solution to your cracked screen, contact us via WhatsApp today, and let us restore your Samsung S21 to its former glory. Don't let a damaged screen disrupt your smartphone experience.

Samsung S21: LCD Screen Replacement

Is your Samsung S21 displaying unusual lines, patterns, or annoying black spots on the screen? Perhaps you've encountered a flickering display or, worse yet, no image despite the phone being powered on? These are clear signs that your LCD screen needs professional attention.

At LYK Mobile Repair, we specialise in prompt and professional LCD screen replacement services for the Samsung S21. Our experienced technicians are equipped to diagnose and address a wide range of LCD issues. We understand that a malfunctioning display can disrupt your daily routine, which is why we strive to complete the replacement swiftly, typically within 60-90 minutes.

LCD damage can result from various factors, including physical trauma such as accidental drops or exposure to moisture or liquids. In addition, attempting a DIY fix for LCD problems is strongly discouraged, as it can lead to further complications and potentially damage other components of your device. 

To ensure a hassle-free and efficient resolution to your LCD screen issues, reach out to us via WhatsApp today. Let our experts restore the vibrant display quality of your Samsung S21 so you can enjoy a seamless mobile experience once again.

Samsung S21: Battery Replacement

Is your Samsung S21 showing signs of battery distress? It's not uncommon for smartphone batteries to wear out over time, and the Samsung S21 is no exception. If you're experiencing rapid battery drain, unexpected shutdowns even when the battery percentage appears sufficient, a swollen or physically deformed battery, overheating during charging or regular usage, or a noticeable decline in performance, it's time to consider a battery replacement.

At LYK Mobile Repair, we understand the pivotal role a healthy battery plays in your daily life, and we're here to ensure your Samsung S21 powers through the day without hiccups. Our professional battery replacement service offers a seamless solution to your battery woes. Our experienced technicians will swiftly and expertly replace your Samsung S21 battery using only genuine, high-quality parts. We also aim to minimise disruption to your routine, completing most battery replacements within 30-45 minutes.

While DIY battery replacement may seem tempting, it's a risky endeavour that can lead to further damage or void your device's warranty. Instead, trust in our expertise to handle the intricate process of battery replacement without causing harm to your device. 

For reliable battery replacement services that ensure your Samsung S21 operates at its best, reach out to us via WhatsApp today.

Samsung S21: Charging Port Repair & Replacement

Are you struggling with a damaged charging port on your Samsung S21? A malfunctioning charging port can be a major inconvenience, preventing your device from charging properly and disrupting your daily routine. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it's time to consider professional charging port repair or replacement:

  • Your Samsung S21 doesn't charge when plugged in.
  • There's a loose connection, or your charger wiggles in the port.
  • You can see visible physical damage or debris inside the charging port.
  • Charging is intermittent, making it unreliable.

These issues can arise from wear and tear due to regular use, physical trauma such as dropping your phone, exposure to water or moisture, or foreign objects and debris getting lodged in the port.

At LYK Mobile Repair, we offer a professional charger port repair service specifically designed to swiftly address these issues. Our experienced technicians will assess the damage and provide efficient repair or replacement using genuine parts. We also understand the importance of a fully functional charging port, and we aim to complete most repairs within 30-60 minutes, minimising any inconvenience.

While DIY fixes may seem tempting, they can lead to further damage or void your device's warranty. Our experts, on the other hand, are trained to handle charging port issues with precision and care, ensuring the safety of your device during the repair process. 

Contact us via WhatsApp today for quick and reliable charging port repair services, and get your Samsung S21 back to full charge in no time!

Samsung S21: Back Glass Repair & Replacement

Is the back glass of your Samsung S21 showing signs of damage? Cracks, shattering, or sensitivity issues can significantly impact the aesthetics and functionality of your device. It's crucial to address this problem promptly to avoid further complications.

Experiencing any of these?:

  • Visible cracks or shattering on the back panel.
  • Sensitivity or functionality issues, especially if cracks interfere with camera lenses or other essential components.

These types of back glass damage often occur due to everyday scenarios, such as accidental drops, pressure on the device, exposure to temperature changes, and more. But fret not!

At LYK Mobile Repair, we specialise in professional back glass repair and replacement services for your Samsung S21. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to swiftly assess the damage and provide effective solutions. In addition, our back glass repair process is designed to minimise inconvenience, with most replacements completed in just 60-90 minutes, all while still ensuring your Samsung S21 looks and feels as good as new. We also strongly discourage attempting to repair the back glass yourself, as it requires professional skill and specialised tools. So, don't compromise on the appearance and functionality of your Samsung S21. 

Contact us today for swift and reliable back glass repair and replacement services. Your device will be in excellent hands, and you'll soon enjoy its pristine condition once again.

Samsung S21: Camera Repair & Replacement

Is your Samsung S21's camera not performing as it should? Issues with your smartphone's camera can be incredibly frustrating, impacting your ability to capture memorable moments and enjoy the full range of features your device offers.

Some of the common issues of a damaged camera include:

  • Blurry or out-of-focus photos.
  • Distorted or discoloured images.
  • Error messages related to the camera app.
  • Inability to switch between camera modes or lenses.

These camera problems can stem from various factors, including physical damage due to accidental drops, exposure to water or moisture, or issues with the camera's internal components.

At LYK Mobile Repair, we understand the importance of a fully functional camera on your Samsung S21. Therefore, our expert technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and addressing camera issues, ensuring you can capture life's moments with clarity and precision.

Our camera repair and replacement services are designed to restore your device's camera capabilities to their original state. Whether it's replacing damaged lenses or addressing internal camera component problems, we have the knowledge and tools to get the job done swiftly and effectively.

Attempting to repair or replace a smartphone camera without the necessary expertise can lead to further damage or complications. That's why we strongly recommend entrusting your Samsung S21 to our skilled professionals, who use genuine replacement parts to ensure the best possible results.

Contact us today for expert camera repair and replacement services, and let us help you rediscover the joy of capturing life's moments in stunning detail. 

Samsung S21 Repair & Replacement Cost: Price Guide




Initial Diagnosis

Complimentary Analysis: Assessment of your Samsung Galaxy S21 condition


Screen Repair and Replacement

Experience rapid same-day replacement in just 60-90 minutes for minimal downtime.

Samsung S21 cracked screen repair & replacement cost: $125

LCD Screen Replacement

Experience rapid same-day replacement in just 60-90 minutes for minimal downtime.

Samsung S21 LCD screen replacement cost: $195

Battery Replacement

Standard Replacement: Our team of highly skilled experts leverages genuine Samsung batteries, guaranteeing a flawless installation process. With our service, you can experience a rapid, same-day replacement that typically takes just 30-45 minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Samsung S21 battery replacement cost: $55

Charging Port Repair & Replacement

Experience rapid same-day replacement in just 30-60 minutes for minimal downtime.

Samsung S21 charger port repair cost: $55

Back Glass Repair & Replacement

Our use of quality spare parts recreates the tactile finesse of the original components. Encounter swift same-day replacement, completed in only 60-90 minutes, ensuring minimal interruption to your busy schedule.

Samsung S21 back glass replacement & repair cost: $45

Rear Camera Replacement

Experience rapid same-day replacement in just 30-60 minutes for minimal downtime.

Samsung S21 rear camera replacement cost: $115

Camera Lens Replacement

Get your Samsung S21 back in your hands within just 30-60 minutes with our lightning-fast same-day replacement service, ensuring you experience minimal disruption to your day.

Samsung S21 camera lens replacement cost: $45

Post-Replacement/Repair Testing

Quality Assurance: We perform an exhaustive and complimentary final diagnostic evaluation to guarantee that your Samsung S21 is functioning optimally.


Your Top Choice For Samsung Galaxy S21 Repairs

Choose LYK Mobile Repair as your top choice for Samsung repairs and experience unparalleled expertise and service.

Expert Technicians Specialised in Samsung Devices

Our team comprises highly trained and certified experts who specialise in repairing Samsung devices. Trust in their extensive knowledge and skill to bring your Samsung Galaxy S21 back to life.

Use of Authentic Phone Components

We exclusively use genuine Samsung parts in all our repairs, ensuring the integrity and performance of your Samsung Galaxy S21. No compromises, just quality.

Swift Turnaround Time

We understand the importance of your device. That's why we offer swift repairs, minimising downtime and ensuring you get your Samsung Galaxy S21 back in your hands quickly.

Warranty Coverage for Repairs

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities. That's why we provide a 30-day warranty coverage for our repair services. Rest assured that your Samsung Galaxy S21 is in good hands.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

At LYK Mobile Repair, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. Our competitive rates ensure you get top-notch Samsung Galaxy S21 repairs without breaking the bank.

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their Samsung Galaxy S21 repair experience with LYK Mobile Repair.

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences with LYK Mobile Repair.

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences with LYK Mobile Repair. Read their testimonials below to learn more about the quality and reliability of our Samsung Galaxy A73 5G repair services.

“Excellent service and excellent quality. Highly recommended.” - Victor Cui (CEO of ONE Championship)

“Cracked my iPhone screen 3 times in a month, and each time I called Gavin up to repair it. Never fails to deliver a speedy service. Friendly staff as well!” - Noah Yap (Ah Boys to Men Mediacorp Actor)

“Efficient service and friendly staff! Quality products (:” - Chloe Choo (Singapore’s social media influencer)

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Samsung S21 Repairs

What are the Samsung S21 phone specifications?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Series 5G offers an impressive set of specifications, making it a top-tier smartphone choice. It boasts a powerful octa-core processor with a maximum CPU speed of 2.9GHz, ensuring seamless performance for all your tasks and applications. In terms of photography, it features a versatile camera setup, including a 12MP Wide lens, a 12MP Ultra Wide lens, and a remarkable 64MP Telephoto lens. This camera configuration allows for impressive photography and offers a maximum zoom capability of up to 30x, ensuring you capture every detail. Additionally, the Galaxy S21 Series 5G is 5G-capable, providing access to high-speed 5G networks in Singapore, although a SIM card upgrade and/or software update may be required, along with applicable data subscription fees.

How much does the Samsung S21 repair cost?

The cost of repairing your Samsung Galaxy S21 depends on the specific service you require. Here at LYK Mobile Repair, we offer a transparent pricing structure to address various repair needs. For a comprehensive breakdown of our repair services and their respective costs, please refer to our detailed price guide above.

How long is the warranty period for the repair?

At LYK Mobile Repair, we provide a 30-day warranty period for all our repair services. We stand by the quality of our work and the genuine parts we use. This warranty ensures that you have peace of mind and assurance in the event of any unforeseen issues arising from the repair. If you encounter any problems related to the repair within this 30-day period, simply reach out to us, and we'll promptly address the issue.

Do I need to book an appointment for phone repair?

To provide you with the best and most efficient service, we highly recommend booking an appointment for phone repair at LYK Mobile Repair. By scheduling an appointment, you can ensure that our expert technicians are available to assist you promptly. This helps minimise waiting times and ensures that your Samsung S21 repair or service is completed in a timely manner, allowing you to get back to using your device without unnecessary delays.

What payment methods does LYK Repair accept?

Whether you prefer to pay in cash, use your credit or debit card, or opt for the convenience of PayNow, we've got you covered. Our goal is to make the payment process as hassle-free as possible, so you can focus on getting your Samsung S21 repaired quickly and efficiently.

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