Samsung A03 Core Screen, LCD & Battery Repair & Replacement

At LYK Mobile Repair, we understand that your Samsung A03 Core is more than just a device – it's an essential part of your daily life. That's why we take immense pride in offering dependable and trustworthy Samsung Galaxy A03 Core screen, LCD and battery repair and replacement services in Singapore.

Our skilled technicians specialise in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of issues that can plague your Samsung A03 Core device. 

  • Cracked screen repair and replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Charging port repair
  • LCD replacement
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Our Repair Services For Your Damaged & Spoilt Samsung A03 Core

Samsung A03 Core users often encounter common issues that can affect their device's performance and aesthetics. At LYK Mobile Repair, we offer tailored solutions to these challenges, ensuring your device remains in excellent condition. Whether it's addressing lines or spots on your LCD, shattered screens, degraded batteries, or malfunctioning charging ports, our team excels in restoring your device to its prime state. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, LYK Mobile Repair is your trusted partner for reliable Samsung A03 Core repairs and replacement in Singapore. 

Samsung A03 Core: Cracked Screen Repair & Replacement

Screen cracks come in different forms: hairline cracks, spiderweb cracks, shattered screens, and even those annoying chips and dents. What causes them? Well, accidents happen — unintentional drops and applying pressure or force to the screen can lead to those unsightly cracks.

But fret not! Our expert screen repair service has you covered. Our professionals know the ins and outs of fixing cracked screens. We'll get your device back in shape in no time. Wondering how long it takes? Our 1 to 1½ hours repair process is efficient, ensuring minimal waiting time.

Now, about the DIY fixes – we don't recommend them. Screens are delicate, and a DIY attempt might just worsen the situation. Leave it to the pros who have the expertise and tools for a seamless repair. Choose us for your Galaxy A03 Core cracked screen repair and replacement, and enjoy a device that's as good as new!

Get your Galaxy A03 Core screen fixed by the pros! Chat with us on WhatsApp for a quick and hassle-free solution.

Samsung A03 Core: LCD Replacement

Experiencing screen issues? Lines, black spots, flickering, or even a blank screen while your phone's on? These signs often indicate LCD trouble, which can result from accidental drops or encounters with liquids.

No need to worry – our LCD replacement service is here to help. Our experts can efficiently replace damaged LCDs, restoring your screen's functionality. Concerned about the repair duration? We've got it covered – our 1 to 1½ hours process is designed to be swift.

As for DIY fixes, we advise against them. LCDs are delicate components, and DIY attempts can lead to more complications. Trust our expertise for your Galaxy A03 Core LCD replacement, ensuring your screen is optimally functional again.

Don't let LCD glitches ruin your day! Reach out to us on WhatsApp for a speedy Galaxy A03 Core LCD replacement by our experts. 

Samsung A03 Core: Battery Replacement

Noticing battery blues? Rapid drain, unexpected shutdowns, or even a swollen and overheating battery? Slow performance giving you a laggy experience? These are clear indicators that your battery might be due for a replacement.

Battery troubles can stem from the usual suspects – wear and tear over time, exposure to extreme temperatures, software quirks, or physical mishaps.

But worry not – our battery replacement service is here to save the day. Our professionals know their way around batteries, ensuring a seamless replacement process. Wondering how long it'll take? We've got that sorted too – our 30 to 45 minutes process is designed to be efficient.

Now, you might be thinking about giving a DIY fix a shot. But here's the deal – battery replacements are delicate operations, and DIY attempts can lead to more problems. Trust our experts for your Samsung A03 Core battery replacement. Your device's battery health is in safe hands!

Don't let battery troubles slow you down! Connect with us on WhatsApp for a speedy Samsung A03 Core battery replacement. 

Samsung A03 Core: Charging Port Repair & Replacement

Struggling with charging? If your phone isn't charging when connected, or the charger feels loose and wiggly, it could be your charging port at fault. Physical damage or debris inside the port can also cause issues.

What causes this trouble? Regular use can wear down the port, accidental drops might take a toll, exposure to water or moisture can be problematic, and foreign objects could be sneaking into the port.

The good news is our professional charging port repair service is here to help. Our experts are skilled at handling charging ports and can fix the issue smoothly. Worried about how long it'll take? Our efficient process ensures a minimal downtime of just 30 to 60 minutes.

Now, you might consider a DIY fix, but be cautious – charging port repairs require precision, and DIY attempts can worsen the situation. Trust our experts instead. Opt for our A03 Core charging port repair and enjoy hassle-free charging once more!

Tired of your phone's charging issues? Don't DIY, connect with us on WhatsApp for expert Samsung A03 Core charging port repair.

Samsung A03 Core: Price Guide For Repair & Replacement Cost 




Initial Diagnosis

Complimentary Analysis: Assessment of your Samsung Galaxy A03 Core condition


Screen Repair and Replacement

Experience rapid same-day replacement in just 1-1½ hours for minimal downtime.

Samsung A03 Core screen repair & replacement cost:$65

LCD Screen Replacement

Experience rapid same-day replacement in just 1-1½ hours for minimal downtime.

Samsung A03 Core LCD screen replacement cost: $65

Battery Replacement

Standard Replacement: Harnessing authentic Samsung batteries, our skilled experts ensure flawless installation. Enjoy swift same-day replacement within 30-45 minutes, minimising any disruption to your routine.

Samsung A03 Core battery replacement cost: $45

Charging Port Repair & Replacement

Experience rapid same-day replacement in just 30-60 minutes for minimal downtime.

Samsung A03 Core charging port repair cost: $45

Post-Replacement/Repair Testing

Quality Assurance: We conduct a comprehensive, complementary final diagnostic test. This ensures that your Samsung A03 Core is operating at its best.



Your Top Choice For Samsung Repairs

Expert technicians trained for Samsung devices

Our technicians are experts in Samsung phone repair, ensuring accurate and reliable repairs services every time.

Use of genuine phone parts

We only use real Samsung components, guaranteeing your device's performance and longevity.

Fast turnaround time

We understand your urgency, providing a quick repair process to get your device back to you as soon as possible.

Warranty on repairs.

Rest easy with our 30-day repair warranty, adding an extra layer of confidence in our services.

Competitive pricing

Quality repairs don't have to be expensive. Our affordable solutions ensure top-tier service that fits your budget.

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

“Excellent service and excellent quality. Highly recommended.” - Victor Cui (CEO of ONE Championship)

“Cracked my iPhone screen 3 times in a month, and each time I called Gavin up to repair it. Never fails to deliver a speedy service. Friendly staff as well!” - Noah Yap (Ah Boys to Men Mediacorp Actor)

“Efficient service and friendly staff! Quality products (:” - Chloe Choo (Singapore’s social media influencer)

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Galaxy A03 Core

What are the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core phone specifications?

The Samsung Galaxy A03 Core is a budget-friendly smartphone that delivers essential features for everyday use. Its compact design with a durable plastic build ensures portability and reliability. With a 6.5-inch PLS LCD display, you can enjoy clear visuals, and the Android 11 (Go edition) operating system offers efficiency. The octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM provide adequate performance for daily tasks. It comes with 32GB of internal storage, expandable via microSDXC. The 8 MP rear camera captures decent photos, and the 5 MP front camera handles selfies. A 5000 mAh battery ensures long-lasting usage. Available in Black and Blue, this device is an affordable choice for those seeking a practical smartphone experience.

How much does the Samsung A03 Core repair cost?

The cost of repairing a Samsung A03 Core in Singapore varies based on the extent of damage to your device and the specific repair services you require. At LYK Mobile Repair, we offer a comprehensive range of Samsung A03 Core repair and replacement solutions, including screen, LCD, battery, and water damage repair services, among others. If you're looking for efficient and cost-effective repair options, please get in touch with us or visit any of our Samsung repair centres in Singapore. We're committed to restoring your Samsung A03 Core to its optimal condition.

How long is the warranty period for the repair?

The warranty period for our repairs and spare parts is 30-days, ensuring your device's performance and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Do I need to book an appointment for phone repair?

For a smoother experience, we suggest booking an appointment for your phone repair. This way, we can ensure efficient and timely service by allocating the right resources and preparing for your specific repair needs. Reach out to us to schedule your appointment and enjoy a seamless repair process.

Alternatively, you can also walk into our service centres. We're here to cater to your repair needs in the most convenient way possible.

What payment methods does LYK Repair accept?

At LYK Mobile Repair, we want to make your experience as smooth as possible. That's why we provide multiple payment methods for your convenience. Whether it's cash, iBanking, DBS PayLah!, or NETS, you have choices. And here's the best part – you only settle the payment once your repair is a success. 

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