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Samsung mobile devices today are designed with a level of intricacy that only professionals can troubleshoot. LYK Mobile Repair is a reliable mobile repair centre that offers dependable resolutions when you experience glitches, software troubles, and hardware damage with your Samsung phone. We recognise the inconveniences caused by a faulty device and are only a call away to provide you with our mobile repair services.

From cracked screen repair to battery replacement, our experienced Samsung technicians are available to address your concerns and to ensure your device stays in its prime condition. We can provide your device's integrity and durability using top-tier, quality spare parts. With our competitive rates and an all-encompassing warranty, LYK Mobile Repair is a leading destination for unparalleled Samsung phone restoration.

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Our Repair Services For Your Damaged & Spoilt Samsung A52 5G / A52s

Like most smartphone enthusiasts, Samsung A52 5G / A52s users value their devices' seamless operation and reliability. However, even the most durable phones are not immune to occasional setbacks. Common complaints range from unsightly cracked screens, unpredictable LCD glitches, and rapid battery depletion. Additionally, software hiccups and charging port malfunctions sometimes disrupt the user's experience, making daily operations frustrating.

Rely on LYK Mobile Repair, the trusted solution for all your Samsung phone challenges. Our team, with its vast experience and expertise, addresses each challenge with precision and care. We don't just repair; we restore your phone to its prime state. Armed with advanced tools and a profound understanding of the Samsung A52 5G/A52s intricacies, LYK is dedicated to transforming your troubled phone experience into one of satisfaction and relief. 

Count on our expertise to restore your Samsung device to its optimal performance with our services:

Samsung A52 5G / A52s: Cracked Screen Repair & Replacement

Like any mobile device, the Samsung A52 5G / A52s is susceptible to screen damage. Common types of damage include subtle hairline cracks, extensive spiderweb patterns, a fully shattered screen, and minor chips or dents. Typically, such damages result from accidental drops or undue pressure exerted on the screen. At LYK Mobile Repair, we offer a systematic approach to address these issues. Beginning with a comprehensive assessment of the extent of damage, our professional technicians then implement a precise repair or replacement strategy. 

While many might consider a do-it-yourself approach, there's a significant risk of causing further damage. Therefore, it's imperative to rely on expert services. Our screen repair and replacement services for your Samsung A52 5G / A52s mobile phones are thorough and time-efficient, often concluding within a few hours. 

Samsung A52 5G / A52s: LCD Replacement

The Samsung A52 5G / A52s boasts a vibrant display but occasionally shows signs of wear or damage. Notable indications that your LCD may need a replacement include the appearance of unusual lines or patterns, persistent black spots, an inconsistent flickering screen, or a complete lack of display. 

These issues often stem from physical damage to the device or exposure to liquids. 

At LYK Mobile Repair, our approach to LCD replacements is rooted in precision and advanced techniques. Our seasoned technicians utilise best practices to restore your phone's display to its original brilliance. While undertaking such repairs on your own might be tempting, it poses a risk of further complicating the damage. Choosing our services ensures that the LCD replacement for Samsung A52 5G / A52s devices is thorough and efficient, typically concluding within a day, restoring your device's visual excellence.

Samsung A52 5G / A52s: Battery Replacement

Maintaining optimal battery health is paramount for Samsung A52 5G / A52s users. However, as devices age, they may manifest signs of battery deterioration, including rapid power drain, unexpected shutdowns, visible battery swelling, notable overheating, and significant performance lags. 

Various factors contribute to these battery challenges, including the battery’s natural ageing process, exposure to extreme temperatures, software-related anomalies, and direct physical trauma. Recognising these symptoms early is vital, and at LYK Mobile Repair, we provide a meticulous diagnostic process followed by precise battery replacement services. 

Leveraging our skilled team's expertise, we can usually complete battery replacements in just 30 to 45 minutes, using only genuine Samsung A52 5G / A52s parts to guarantee compatibility and longevity. Each replacement is backed by a warranty, emphasising our commitment to quality. While DIY methods might seem economical, they can often jeopardise battery safety. Hence, entrust your battery concerns to our dedicated professionals for safety and efficiency.

Samsung A52 5G / A52s: Charging Port Repair & Replacement

The charging port of the Samsung A52 5G / A52s is an integral yet delicate component. Over time, users might observe symptoms of a compromised port that require replacement, such as inconsistent charging, a charger that doesn't fit snugly, or even visible damage or obstructions. 

These issues commonly arise from the port's regular wear and tear, accidental physical impacts, or prolonged exposure to moisture. At LYK Mobile Repair, we're equipped to address these concerns with precision and care. Our Samsung A52 5G / A52s charging port replacement process is intricate, ensuring every detail is attended to. 

Most port replacements are efficiently completed within 30 minutes to an hour by our expert team, utilising authentic Samsung A52 5G / A52s components to guarantee compatibility. We prioritise safety, employing methods that shield your device from potential future issues. Every repair we undertake is backed by a warranty, underscoring our commitment to excellence. You might be tempted to do DIY repairs, but they risk causing further, possibly irreversible damage. 

SamsungA52 5G / A52s: Back Glass Cover Repair & Replacement

For users of the Samsung A52 5G / A52s, the integrity of the back glass cover is paramount. Not only does it enhance the device's aesthetic appeal, but it also ensures optimal functionality, particularly around the camera and sensors. Common indicators of back glass cover damage include visible cracks or malfunctions associated with the camera or sensors. These issues typically arise from unintentional accidents such as drops, external pressure, or the adverse effects of thermal shocks. 

Recognising the intricacies involved, LYK Mobile Repair provides a thorough back glass cover repair and replacement service, distinguished by meticulous attention to detail. Our adept technicians can typically complete this service within a day, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily usage. Avoid DIY repairs and replacements, as they pose significant risks, potentially compromising the device's look and performance. Entrust your Samsung A52 5G / A52s to our professional care for assured results.

Samsung A52 5G / A52s Repair & Replacement Cost: Price Guide




Initial Diagnosis

Comprehensive analysis to pinpoint device issues. (30 minutes)


Cracked Screen Repair & Replacement

Restoring visuals with high-quality screen replacements. (1 to 1.5 hours)

Samsung A52 5G / A52s Cracked screen repair & replacement cost: $75

LCD Replacement

Bringing clarity and vibrant display back to life (1 to 1½ hours)

Samsung A52 5G / A52s LCD replacement cost: $135

Battery Replacement

Renewing battery power for prolonged device usage. (30 to 45 minutes)

Samsung A52 5G / A52s Charging port repair & replacement cost: $45

Charging Port Repair & Replacement

Ensuring consistent and effective charging. (30 to 60 minutes)

Samsung A52 5G / A52s Charging port repair & replacement cost: $45

Back Glass Repair & Replacement

Enhancing aesthetics and protecting device internals. (1 to 1½ hours)

Samsung A52 5G / A52s Back glass cover repair & replacement cost: $35

Post-Replacement/Repair Testing

Verifying optimal performance post-service


Your Top Choice For Samsung Repairs

When selecting a service to cater to the intricate details of your Samsung device, it is paramount to make the right choice. LYK Mobile Repair understands this and offers Samsung repair services that stand out for their quality and reliability.

Certified Expertise

Our technicians are rigorously explicitly trained for Samsung devices, ensuring precision in every repair.

Authentic Components

We prioritise your phone's integrity by exclusively using genuine Samsung parts.

Swift Service

Recognising your device's essential role in daily life, we ensure a quick turnaround without compromising quality.

Assured Protection

Each repair we undertake has a warranty, affirming our confidence in our service.

Value-Driven Pricing

Quality service shouldn't be excessive. Our competitive rates ensure you receive the best value for your money.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung A52 5G / A52s

What are the Samsung A52 5G / A52s phone specifications?

The Samsung A52 5G/A52s boasts a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 778G processor, a quad-camera setup with a 64MP main sensor, 6/8GB RAM, and a robust 4500mAh battery, ensuring lasting performance.

How much does the Samsung A52 5G / A52s repair cost?

Repair costs vary based on damage. However, LYK Mobile Repair offers competitive rates, ensuring quality repairs without straining your wallet. Reach out to us for a precise quote.

How long is the warranty period for the repair?

At LYK Mobile Repair, we provide a 30-day warranty on our repairs. This provides our customers with peace of mind and ensures their devices are in experts' hands.

Do I need to book an appointment for phone repair?

While walk-ins are welcome, booking an appointment ensures quicker service by allocating dedicated time for your device.

What payment methods does LYK Mobile Repair accept?

LYK Mobile Repair accepts cash, credit/debit cards, and major mobile payment platforms.

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