Affordable iPad Charging Port Repair

There is nothing scarier than finding out that your iPad is not charging. You may have tried plugging in and out of a few times but to no avail. It is common for charging ports of iPads including iPad minis and iPad Air models to stop working due to regular use or when they are continuously exposed to dirt and dust. However, buying a new iPad will not be a cost-effective choice when you can easily get the charging port repaired and bring back its normal function. At LYK repair in Singapore, we can fix your iPad charging port in no time with the help of our expert technicians and range of tools. Whether you have and iPad Pro that requires repair work on its charging port or an iPad Mini 5 that needs a charging port replacement, we will be able to offer that necessary soltuions at affordable costs.

Repairing the broken or damaged charging port of your iPad might look like a costly affair, but not anymore, especially with LYK Repair. At LYK Repair, we offer efficient repair services to fix the non-functional charging port of your iPad at an affordable cost. Regardless of your iPad model – iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 6, iPad Air 3, iPad Air 4, iPad 7th gen or even the iPad 8 – we offer charging port replacement services and repairs. By using high-quality spare parts, our team of experienced technicians can provide you with a long-lasting solution so that you can use your iPad for years to come without worrying about its replacement.

Apart from fixing the damaged charging port, we also offer iPad battery replacement, iPad speaker repair, iPad screen repair and iPad water damage repair services.

LYK Repair – For All Your Mobile Phone Repair Needs

Facing issues with your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook? LYK Repair is a one-stop shop for all your repair needs. From cracked screens, faulty batteries, and damaged charging ports, we can help you revive your Apple device. If you need to fix your iPad Mini charging port, iPad 8 charging port replacement or even an iPad Air or Mini charging port repair servicing, LYK Repair has you covered. We possess specialisation in repairing Apple products and can offer you services for most of its devices and models. In addition, by offering home repair services, we make it even easier for you to get your device repaired in the comfort of your home. Visit our repair store in Tai Seng or Jurong East in Singapore or contact us today to avail of home repair service.

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