What Do I Do If My iPad Isn’t Working?

Recently got your hands on an iPad 8 or perhaps one of the latest iPad Air releases but for some reason, they aren’t working like they are used to? It can be incredibly frustrating if you rely heavily on your iPad to make it through the busy day, and for some reason, it decides to fail you. As the backlog of your day’s schedule starts piling up, you start to panic about how long it would take to fix your iPad and get it back up and running as per normal again. Add to that the fact that finding professional iPad motherboard repair shops is no easy task, and the stress of engaging in affordable and reliable services for your iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad Mini models can be overwhelming.

While iPad motherboard repair services are expensive in general, you do not have to worry when you turn to LYK Repair. Regardless of whether you are facing motherboard issues with your iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 4, iPad 7, or any other models, bring it in to the experts for a proper diagnosis of the problem. With our expert eye and swift diagnosis, you’ll know what went wrong with your iPad, exactly what needs to be done to fix it, and how much the repair cost is, be it deep motherboard issues or superficial damage. With no hidden fees or ambiguous time frame, have your iPad operating as good as new in no time with LYK Repair.

How Do I Know If My iPad Motherboard Needs Repair?

Common iPad problems can include a frozen or broken screen, problems connecting to WiFi, an unrecognised/undetected device error, or battery issues. However, if your iPad can’t be switched on and it remains unresponsive even while charging, it means there’s a core problem rooted in your motherboard. It could be defective, damaged or malfunctioning, especially if your iPad has been used for years.

How Do I Know If My iPad Motherboard Needs Repair?

Whether you are looking to get reliable iPad Mini 4 motherboard replacement services or get your iPad 8’s motherboard repaired, LYK Repair has you covered. Get help from skilled professionals at cheap and reasonable prices to offer services ranging from advanced iPad Motherboard Repair to iPad Water Damage Repair and iPad Short Circuit Repairs. You can also expect iPad motherboard repairs by our team to be fast. Be it an iPad Mini 6 or iPad Air 3, LYK Repair’s proficient motherboard repairs will be done in just 30 minutes.

What To Expect When I Bring My iPad for Repair?

When you walk into our repair centre with an iPad that has a motherboard issue, LYK specialists will run a free diagnostic test to find out what the issue is. It may be a software issue, a hardware issue, or most of the time, it’s a faulty motherboard IC chip.

After the diagnosis, we will assign an iPad motherboard specialist to take charge of your repair. Our experts will also provide you with an explanation of the diagnostic results, and discuss with you to help you decide on the next steps to take.

As a valued customer, we will answer all your queries with regard to your iPad motherboard repair. Abiding by a no repair no charge policy, we will provide only the most beneficial solution to you. You’ll find a friend in us—even in the unfortunate event that the damage to your iPad is too severe, we will let you know if it’s too costly or not worth the repair cost.

Effortless iPad Motherboard Repairs Under An Hour

Our iPad Motherboard Experts Can Solve All Your iPad Motherboard IC Issues.

Here is the list of the most common motherboard connections and circuit chips that our professionals can easily repair. The repair takes 30-45 minutes on the spot in our repair centre.

  • Power management IC (PMIC) 
  • CPU (Central processing unit) 
  • Wifi IC 
  • Charging IC 
  • Baseband IC
  • Display IC 
  • Embedded Multi-Media Controller (eMMC) 
  • Audio IC
  • Touch IC 

However, if your iPad’s Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has been severely damaged or the motherboard has been damaged because of water, then unfortunately, standard iPad motherboard repair services are not possible.

Beyond iPad Motherboard Repairs

Save time from guesswork and self-diagnosis over the internet, and bring your iPad to us immediately for quick repair. Do not worry if you require iPad Air 4th Gen motherboard repair or iPad 7 motherboard repair, with our wide range of iPad repair services, you will be able to get the necessary repair works done with LYK Repair. Moreover, LYK Repair also offers a buy-back programme for damaged or spoilt iPads. So there’s a backup plan for you to retrieve some returns even if your iPad is badly damaged and can’t be restored. For more information, get in touch with us today!


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