iPad Repair Singapore

Singapore iPad Repairs, Fast Service. Replace iPad screens, Fix Ipad Cracked Screens. Warranty For IPad Screen Repairs. 30 Minute iPad Screen Repairs , Ipad Battery Replacement, Ipad LCD Replacement

iPad Screen and LCD Replacement

Broken screen is a common problem specially when you are living in a home with kids or have butter fingers.

Our team of experts will get your screen or lcd replaced within 30 minutes. The repair comes with 100 day warranty , if you were to face any issue / iPad malfunction, feel free to come back and the technicians will rectify the issue at no extra charges - This is what warranty is for right !

iPad Battery Replacement

Battery issue is a common issue faced by most iPad users. This is because they might have been overcharging their iPads over the years and sooner or later they will feel  that the battery drains faster as time pass. 

In this situation our experts will diagnose the battery health and advice you if your  device requires a new battery replacement. 

iPad Motherboard Repair

Sometimes when the iPad falls to the ground it causes motherboard issues. You may not notice in a short period of time, but after a few weeks of using the iPad, you will slowly feel that the iPad  heats up continuously especially when in use . The heating up will cause another issue to arrise- the connections inside might break due to the constant heating. When this happens, it could cause motherboard chips to damage. Bring your iPad to LYK Repair service centre for a iPad diagnostic if your iPad heats up , our experts will check and provide you with professional advise.

Why clients claim that we are the best

Regardless of the problem that your iPad is creating , just bring it to our experts for the iPad repair services. 

We are confident to provide you with the best product quality and repair services. LYK technicians can fix your iPad issue on the spot, within 30 minutes. As the best repair service centre claimed in Singapore, besides the repair services being our biggest concern, our top priority is still customers satisfaction. In any case if the iPad is creating the same issue again even after a few rectifications are done, you will have your money back. Feel safe repairing with LYK because you know you are protected and have coverage warranty from our team of experts for your satisfaction.