iPad Screen Repair

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Where to Find the Best iPad Screen Repair Shop in Singapore?

In Singapore, the majority of us use the iPad as a form of communication for work and leisure purposes. The iPad may seem like a pretty indestructible device, but let’s face it – it’s not immune to screen damage. In fact, this super-slim tablet is made of delicate material and is exceptionally susceptible to hairline cracks or shattered screens of sorts. It can happen due to an accidental drop, or perhaps your little ones at home just tossed it around like a toy.

Do you have a broken iPad screen? Yes, we feel you – there’s nothing more frustrating than that. And perhaps, this is not the first time this has happened to you. Now, what to do? Don’t panic just yet, because our dedicated team at LYK Repair is here to help!

Why Choose LYK Repair?

One-Stop Repair Shop

LYK Repair is a repair service centre in Singapore that specialise in iPhone and iPad repair, from screen crack replacement and LCD replacement to battery replacement and even motherboard repair. 

Here at LYK repair, we provide free basic check-up of internal functions such as the battery life & logic board health using specialised machines and microscopes to help you understand the condition of your device.

A Service that Travels to You

Find it a hassle to travel to our service centre at Tai Seng? Why not let us come to you instead? Yes, you’ve read that right. At LYK Repair, we take convenience to a whole new level with our doorstep iPad cracked screen repair services. Wherever you are in Singapore, we can be right there. All you need to do is to sit back, put your feet up, and watch us give your iPad a shiny new screen within an hour (or less)! Plus, you don’t have to worry about the costs, too, because we’re keeping it absolutely affordable for your wallet.

Warranty for Customer Satisfaction

Our screen repair services in Singapore come with a 100-day warranty, so you can leave your precious iPad to us with greater peace of mind. This also means that if you are facing any issue with the screen within the warranty period, you can come back to us, and we will rectify the issue at no additional cost.

Over the years, LYK has been improving the quality of screens that we provide and constantly bucking up the skills of our technicians with professional training. Hence, you need not worry when you come to LYK for assistance on cracked screens or anything in between. Although a warranty is provided, we doubt you will use it – yes, we are this confident in our service quality

We Care About Every Little Detail

If your iPad screen replacement is done at an unprofessional place, you may face some issues such as unresponsive screens or display module failures. At LYK, you need not worry about such issues because we will do a thorough test before you leave our repair centre in Singapore. If you face any hiccups after getting your iPad screen replaced with us, please do not hesitate to return to us. We provide high-quality after-sales customer support to ensure that your repair journey with LYK is a pleasant and fuss-free one!

Reach out to us for a repair quote and let our affordable prices take you by a pleasant surprise today! If you have further enquiries, feel free to reach out to our live chat agents or contact us at +65 9025 2185.