Swift iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Repair in 1 , 2, 3

The latest design trend in smartphones is to have a faceted edge-to-edge display that covers the entire front of the phone. The full-screen experience calls for no bezel and very little space between the screen and your hand so you literally feel like your handheld device is nothing but glass! But, once a crack presents itself on the screen, the once privileged visuals you’re used to comes crashing down to reality in an instant. When that happens, don’t panic because the good news is, it can be fixed!                             

Front Screen Cracked on Your iPhone 11 Pro Max? No Problem!

Our team of experts know exactly how to tackle even the most challenging of OLED screen problems. When you bring your iPhone 11 Pro Max in for cracked front screen servicing, these will be the stages that follow:

  1. A specialist will assess your phone’s screen fully by checking:
    1. If the touch screen still works
    2. Extent of the damage in the display
  2. You will receive a professional recommendation from us based on your budget and preferences
  3. Screen repair or replacement will be done while you relax in our waiting room

Collect your new and improved mobile phone in 15-45 minutes on the day itself fuss-free and no hassle at all. Just a quick pitstop and you’ll be able to go about your day as per normal with your phone back to mint condition. The iPhone 11 Pro Max repair services you find here are unlike any other.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement

Oops, you’ve dropped your phone. And now it seems you have a huge garish crack on the back glass of your iPhone Pro Max. A sharp panic runs through you and you’re shattered by the recent defect your phone acquired in the accident. So what should you do?

Time to call in the professionals! The iPhone 11 Pro Max, while it undoubtedly has beautiful aesthetics, it also has a delicate side due to what it’s made of: glass! The broken iPhone’s back might seem like superficial damage, but replacement is actually very tricky because the damaged rear glass is actually fused with the other internal mechanics of the phone. A precise hand and years of experience is needed for this job, so count on a professional with an expert eye from Lyk Mobile today, we’ll come to the rescue!

Wait In Comfort, Wherever You Are

Have your cracked iPhone 11 Pro Max screen fixed in the comfort of your own home or any address you provide. Our specialist will come to you at your convenience, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Alternatively if you prefer to drop by our repair centre, you’ll be up for a treat! No matter how quick a repair service is, as long as you have nothing to occupy you as you wait, time can still feel like it’s crawling to a standstill. To help eliminate the drag of waiting, our team has a fully stocked waiting room with free beverages and even fun and games for your family to fill up your idle time because, why not? Before you know it, the wait is over and your iPhone 11 Pro Max is ready for collection on the day.

Replace, Repair Your iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen and More

From easy fixes to the most complex of repairs, take your pick of the full range of services for iPhone 11 Pro Max device:

And more! Because you deserve to have a phone in tip top condition to keep pace with your busy schedule, submit your mobile phone for servicing with us! Leverage any of the above repair solutions and more with our friendly experts at Lyk Mobile.