“My iPhone Won’t Charge!” These are the Words You Don’t Want to Utter, Especially When You are Running Low on Battery. Despite Your Efforts to Plug and Unplug Your iPhone, It Still Won’t Charge. Whether You’re Using Your iPhone to Make Important Calls Or to Help You Keep Up with Your Daily Schedule, Having a Fully-Functioning iPhone Charging Port is A Must. Otherwise, You Won’t Be Able to Charge Your Phone and You May Have to Take a Trip to A Repair Center for A Proper Diagnosis or Possible iPhone Charging Port Replacement.

iPhone Charging Port Repair at Affordable Costs

Due to regular use, dust and other particles may enter the iPhone’s charging port, causing it to malfunction. Purchasing a new mobile phone can be quite expensive so finding a repair centre that offers their services at a reasonable cost is the most cost-effective way to go.

Where else can you find a repair centre that offers iPhone charging port replacements at an affordable price? At LYK Repair, of course! Our repair services and high-quality iPhone spare parts cost only a fraction of the amount of purchasing a brand-new iPhone.

That’s not all. For our customer’s peace of mind, we offer a free 30 to 100-day warranty! Isn’t that a great deal?
Contact us and have your iPhone charging port replaced today.

Get Your iPhone Charging Port Repaired at LYK Repair

LYK Repair not only offers iPhone charging port repair services but we can also
fix iPhone cameras, iPhone speakers, and iPhone Face ID recognition. Did you accidentally spill liquid on your iPhone? No worries! We also offer
iPhone water damage repair, too!

Visit our Jurong East, Woodlands, or Tai Seng branches if you have any iPhone repair needs. If you prefer to have your iPhone charging port repaired at home, simply book an appointment with us and our technicians will go to your location to offer the required services.

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