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What is iPhone LCD Damaged?

Many people don’t understand the difference between the iPhone LCD repair and iPhone crack glass repair and misunderstand that its the same thing. Basically for iPhone crack glass repair, the internal lcd must be working perfectly fine, with no display or any touchscreen issue. Otherwise, it is considered that the LCD is being damaged and the repair cost will be higher.

When the iPhone LCD is damaged or cracked, you will see 1 of these symptoms happening to your device.

1. iPhone touchscreen not functioning properly

2.Decolorization on iPhone LCD

3. No display on iPhone LCD

4. Flickering screen display on iPhone

5. Green lines on iPhone

When any 1 of these symptoms shows up, meaning the LCD is required to replacement also.

Past experience shared from clients ;

There are some vendors that claims the LCD is being damaged even when its not, asking for higher cost of repair fee. There are also some vendors that claims the LCD and the glass is a separate parts. Claiming for repair price of the glass + LCD. (Do take not that LCD always comes with a glass. Its a 2-in-1 piece. When the LCD is being damaged, having to replace the LCD meaning the LCD comes with a new screen

What Causes iPhone LCD to be Damaged?

Usually when iPhone LCD is being cracked or damaged, its due to big impact being done to the screen. It is also very common to us that when sometimes our client’s iPhone screen / glass is cracked, but didn’t repair. Over the time, the LCD will be affected or easily affected when a very minor impact is being done to the screen.

If only your screen is cracked, repair it ASAP to prevent further damage!

Unsure of what is damaged to your iPhone? Don’t worry! Dropby to our LYK Service centre for a 100% free diagnosis to find out what is wrong with your device! No obligations to repair after diagnosis!

Where to Repair iPhone LCD on The Spot?

  • LYK provides door to door on the spot Iphone LCD Screen at your comfort. It could be your home, office, schools or even any cafes nearby. Now, you don’t have to leave your comfort, make time for your busy schedule to get your iPhone fix. Warranty is also provided upon repaired! Call us now at 90252185 to find out more!

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