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In phones, the logicboard is made up the main printed circuit board(PCB) and several soldered components and IC chips made by various manufacturers such as Infineon, Broadcom, Intel, Toshiba & even Samsung.

All these Chips and components work inter-link together to get your device working when you are using your device.

Meaning to say, if any of the chips are not working, it will cause the device to have certain type of malfunctionality and even stop working ( unable to switch on )

Internally, heat is being produced when device system is running and the internal environment inside, rusting and deterioration can occur overtime in the motherboard.

Externally, due to factors like placing the phone under the sun, water damage or even air conditioned area can expedite this degrading process.

The links and Bonds between the ICs can be weaken and causing the device to lose their malfunction over the time, causing the the chips to require replacement.

Another most common issue we faced is when device is being dropped / impacted, it will cause the device chip to dislodge from the Circuit itself, or lose its malfunction. 85% of the water damaged device, had components in the circuit board being damage. Most repair shops will claim the phone to be unrepairable. But that is not true! Most device that other claims unrepairable are often rectified at our LYK Repair Service Centre ( that is provided they did not badly damage the board when attempting on the repair)


  1. POWER IC ( Device unable to switch on )
  2. Touch ic ( Touch screen is not sensitive with white flickering lines )
  3. eMMC Chip failure
  4. Audio ic ( Audio not working as normally )
  5. Charging ic ( Charging not working as normally )
  6. Wifi ic ( Wifi greyed out / not working )
  7. Display ic ( No display on screen, although lcd is not damaged )
  8. Baseband ic failure
  9. Backlight ic ( Very dim display on screen. Not light coming out from the board )
  10. Short circuits failure ( Device cannot be switch one as part of the circuit and broken )


LYK Repair service centre are equipped with advance motherboard repair knowledge, and this means, we can repair most motherboard failure on the spot! Most shops require a few days for the repair, but not in LYK. Because we do it everyday, its a everyday job for us and we do it well. Let the advance repair shop to handle the advance repair!

The best iPhone screen repair service you can ever find!

LYK service centre, located conveniently at 1 minute walk away from Taiseng MRT Exit A. We know how tedious and uncomfortable a person can get while waiting for their device to get repaired. But not in LYK! We provide a comfortable air conditioned sofa waiting area, Free Hot beverages like Coffee, milk tea and a lot more for you to enjoy while waiting for your device to be repaired! Having to bring your kids along during the weekend? Fret not! We also has simple games like “Connect 4” and others to keep you and your family occupied and having fun while waiting for your device to be fixed!

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