Finding Out if Your MacBook Fan is Working Properly
There are many ways to find out if your MacBook’s fan is faulty. The first option is to listen – simply lean your ear against the bottom of your MacBook. If your fan is running normally, you will hear a quiet whirring in the case. If you hear a loud rattling noise, revving or any grinding noises, the fan probably needs to be fixed. A spoilt MacBook fan will result in your laptop feeling warm to the touch since the fan is not working to cool it down.

Another way to determine if the fan is broken would be to launch Apple Diagnostics on your laptop. To launch Apple Diagnostics, turn off the laptop and hold the “D” key while turning it back on. You will be informed if your MacBook fan is faulty once diagnostics is done running and your laptop has tested its hardware.

Preventing Further Damage from a Spoilt MacBook Fan

Fixing your faulty MacBook fan should not be ignored or put off as it will cause your laptop to overheat, which can permanently damage the sensitive components within the laptop’s motherboard.

In fact, keeping your laptop’s temperature low can also extend its lifespan. Here are a few tips on how to cool your overheated laptop.

1. Close Runaway Applications

Runaway applications are applications that you have installed on your MacBook that requires a lot of power from the CPU within your MacBook even when they are not in use. They might be running in the background without your knowledge and with such a high CPU usage, it can cause your laptop to overwork and overheat.

To avoid this, use the Activity Monitor on your MacBook to monitor active apps and track which applications are using the most CPU. Close or uninstall these applications if you are not currently using them.

2. Multiple Open Tabs

Most of us are avid users of the “add new tab” function on our favourite browsers, but having multiple open tabs actually uses a high amount of resource from our MacBook to keep all tabs running. By pushing our laptops to work so hard without a fan, we are also allowing it to build up heat within the system. However, the fix is simple – close all unused tabs.

Get Your Noisy MacBook Fan Fixed ASAP

Although there are more than a few ways to keep your MacBook cool even if its internal fan is faulty, it doesn’t mean that you should delay getting it fixed as soon as possible. Getting it fixed pronto will prevent further damage to your laptop and might even extend its lifespan since the internal components will not suffer from overheating again.

Repair Your MacBook Fan with LYK Mobile

Too busy to make a trip down to the repair shop? Fret not as LYK Mobile provides onsite MacBook Fan replacement or repair services. Simply give us a call to make an appointment and we can arrange for our skilled technicians to make a trip to your residence, office or a nearby cafe to do the repair or replacement. Our top-notch onsite services ensure that you do not have to take out precious time out of your busy day just to get your MacBook fan fixed.

If you prefer to have your laptop checked out at our shop before committing to any reparation services, you can give us a call and head down to our shop to receive a free diagnostic service for your device.

Reach out to find out more today!

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