MacBook Pro Touch Bar Repair & Replacement

The touch bar that sits above the keyboard is arguably one of the most innovative and useful features introduced by Apple to its MacBook Pro. Packing a bunch of contextual controls within a retina display, the touch bar offers instant access to emojis, screen brightness and volume bar, among other commands. With the touch bar, MacBook Pro users no longer have to toggle the controls with the TrackPad manually. This is indeed a brilliant feature that makes everyday tasks more convenient, especially for professionals and creatives alike.

However, as impressive as they are, the touch bar is, too, susceptible to failures – with the “black screen” and no display issue being the most prominent ones. If that has just happened to you, and the touch bar is about to drive you bonkers, panic isn’t necessary, because our professional team of technicians at LYK Repair can help you get it fixed in no time!

When you set foot in our repair centre in Singapore, our technician will first run a diagnostic test to troubleshoot and uncover the underlying cause. This diagnostic test will be performed at no extra cost, so you do not have to worry about having to fork out even in the unfortunate event where your MacBook Pro touch bar is beyond repairable. Upon the test, your assigned specialist will then take you through the diagnostic results, share nuggets of knowledge with you, and provide you with an unbiased opinion on the best course of action. Honesty has always been our company’s policy – you can rest assured that we will provide you with fruitful advice.

Sit Back & Leave Your MacBook to the Best

Our repair centre is just a short distance (1-minute walk) away from Tai Seng MRT Exit A, so you do not have to worry about travelling far and wide just to get your MacBook Pro touch bar repaired or replaced.

At LYK Repair, we’ve had our fair share of uncomfortable experiences while waiting in line, and we understand just how tedious it can be. This is why our repair centre boasts a comfortable, air-conditioned lounge to make your wait a little more pleasant. While at it, be sure to grab yourself some complimentary snacks and hot beverages. You can even lean back and binge-watch your favourite Netflix series right at our lounge. No more uncomfortable chairs and noisy environment – we’re here to put an end to every customer’s nightmare. 

If an onsite MacBook Pro touch bar repair service is what you prefer, you can also opt for such. Whether you’d like us to get your MacBook fixed at your home or your office, we can accommodate. We mean it when we say anytime, anywhere. Beyond MacBook Pro touch bar replacement, we also offer other door-to-door services, which include battery replacement, LCD replacement and more – all at affordable costs.

100 Days Warranty for Quality Assurance

At LYK Repair, we provide a 100-day warranty for all repairs and spare parts replacements. This means that if you’re facing any issues with your MacBook Pro touch bar during the warranty period, you can always reach out to us, and we’ll get them rectified at no additional cost. This 100-day warranty is a promise of confidence from us to you.

We take pride in the quality of our repair services, and that is what makes us stand out in the industry. We know how valuable your MacBook Pro is to you, and we certainly want to help keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.

Reach out to us for a no-obligation quote today. All the prices quoted are nett, so there will be no unpleasant surprises after we work our magic on your device.