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iPhone Repair Shop at Woodlands Singapore

No matter how careful we are with our iPhones and other electronic devices, accidents are bound to occur. And if they fail to work or start showing signs of underlying problems, repair works are a must. As you can imagine, getting an iPhone repaired is pretty difficult when you don’t know where to get the best services in Singapore. But fret not! If you are looking for top-notch repair services for your electronic devices, head down to LYK Mobile at Woodlands which is dedicated to providing high-quality repair service at an affordable price.

Located just a few minutes away from Woodlands MRT station, our iPhone repair shop not only offers a range of services including iPhone repair but also free Wi-Fi and refreshments while you wait for your phones or other devices to be fixed by our experienced technicians. But that’s not all! At LYK Mobile, we specialise in a range of repair and replacement works for various phone brands and devices too. From simple iPhone repairs such as iPhone screen repairs to complex iPhone motherboard repairs, LYK Mobile is more than equipped to help resolve any issues. Every repair work is completed by our own in-house repair technicians using top-of-the-line spare parts which are also backed by a 3-month warranty.


Your Dedicated iPhone Repair Shop in Woodlands

You might be facing numerous issues with your iPhone. This could include camera issues, home buttons failures, backlight problems, wat

iPhone users may experience common issues like a fast-draining battery, cracked screens, and more. As such, we offer a range of repair services to address these issues. Some of the services we offer at our iPhone repair shop in Woodlands include:


er damage, cracked screens, or charging port problems. Your phone might have a minimal amount of damage, and can still function or be severely damaged, and require major repairs. Our LYK Mobile phone repair shop in Jurong East offers iPhone repair services and will be able to address them all. Whether you have the newest model, such as an iPhone 12 Pro Max, or an older model, like an iPhone 4, we will be ready to find a solution for you.


Why Choose LYK Mobile for iPhone Repair At Woodlands?

When looking for iPhone repair services, it is important to engage the right one. LYK Mobile provides quality repairs for mobile devices at your doorstep and at our repair shop in Woodlands at competitive prices. As such, if you have broken your iPhone and are looking for a fast and convenient solution to get it fixed, LYK Mobile is the answer.

If you are having issues with your phone or other electronic devices like the iPad, MacBook, or Apple Watch, head down to our repair shop at Woodlands now. Alternatively, you can get a no-obligation quote from us today or visit our other repair shop in Taiseng or Jurong.

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