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Damaged MacBook Lcd? Leave it to the best! 

A1707 Cracked LCD for replacement in LYK Repair

- Free Diagnosis 

 -Original Quality

 -Professional Specialist

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• iPhone Battery Promo is Back!

• On the Spot replacement

(iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 plus)

100% Battery health guaranteed.

No Data Loss.

More than 3500 Positive Review Rated 4.9/5.

Call / Whatsapp 90252185 / 96992229 for enquires!

MacBook Water Damage Repair Singapore

- Free diagnosis 

 -95% Successful Rate with data

 -Professional MacBook Specialist

Call us today @ 90252185 / 96992229 for any enquires

•iPhone  •iPad  •Apple Watch  •MacBook 


1 Irving Place, 

The Commerze@irving #06-02 

Singapore 369546

 90252185 / 96992229

You are busy ranting to a friend about how unreasonable your superior is on your iPhone when you realise that whatever you are typing does not show up on your screen. That’s weird.

You try navigating to other apps, but your screen is frozen and unresponsive.

The device is stuck. 

Sadly, frozen iPhones are not an uncommon issue amongst iPhone users. The same happens to Android users, too! It can happen to old models and even the newer ones. Here’s what you should do if you find that your iPhone is unresponsive. 

Step 1: ...

One day as you commute home after a long day on the job, you notice a warm sensation on your right leg – your phone feels weirdly warm. 

Singapore’s weather might be on the warmer side, but there are numerous other reasons why your phone might overheat.

Here are 4 of them: 

1. Too many Apps in the Background

Are you guilty of forgetting to exit your mobile applications? Your phone might be overheating because you have too many apps in the background.

Sure, apps have changed the world we ...

You are tuning into Netflix’s latest Korean drama on your iPhone as you relax in a hot bath after a long day at work.

Unexpectedly, you receive a call from work and drop your iPhone into the water out of shock – it’s a crisis!

Believe it or not, the wet smartphone crisis happens to more people than you’d realise. If you have, unfortunately, gotten yourself into this situation, we have a step-by-step crisis management plan to salvage your device from water damage. 

1. Retrieve the phone out of the water.

If your phone ...

Happy weekends! 

Number of MacBook keyboards repaired today

 A1534 x 2 sets

Are you having any issues with your MacBook keyboards? Call us today for free quotation.

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1 Irving Place, 
The Commerze@irving #06-02 
Singapore 369546
90252185 / 96992229

Fixing your Damaged Apple Devices could never be more easy and affordable! 

Call us today to book appointment! 

•iPhone  •iPad  •Apple Watch  •MacBook 


1 Irving Place, 

The Commerze@irving #06-02 

Singapore 369546

 90252185 / 96992229

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Let us show you one of our clients’ #crack iPhone 7 rear camera lens

No matter how durable an iPhone case is , it is still possible for the camera lens to crack as the rear camera lens part is not protected by the casing 

When you take photo using your camera app, the cracked camera lens will affect the photo quality and cause blurred images.


Starting from  today - 28 Feb 2021 ,

Replace your iPhone rear camera lens @ $25 , $40 , $50 nett

No hidden charges  Repair duration: 20min

Call / WhatsApp ...

iPhone Repair & iPad Repair Service

Why Choose LYK Repair?  

Our aim is to offer outstanding customer service & skillful repair services at your doorstep.

You get to solve your iPhone & iPad issues at the comfort of your home / office.  

Crack Glass

LCD Damage

Battery Drain Fast / Bloated

Parts issue

( camera , speaker , charging port , home button , volume buttons etc )

 In LYK Repair , the repair work is not just about finding the fault and fixing it.  It is also about providing quality parts that are made to last ...

Definitely the best way to give us the kickstart for 2021! 

Thank you so much to Charmaine for trusting LYK, giving us the chance not to give up on your old device! 
There's a saying, "if there a will, there's a way".
Definitely applies to iPhone / iPad Data recovery as well!.

We might not be able salvage all 100% of our clients devices to get their data back, but there's never once we don't put in 100% trying!
 Yes you are right, $0 charge if we did not ...

Need to get your cracked screen fixed before new year ?

Last minute booking? Worry no repair slot? Fret not !

 LYK team will always accommodate to your timing and ensure you get your device fixed on the same day!

 Call /WhatsApp 9025 2185 now!

Singapore No.1 Luxurious Repair Service Centre

 On-site repair service at your doorstep / any location

Or visit us @ LYK Repair Service Centre

The Commerze @ Irving

1 Irving Place #06-02

Singapore 369546

(1 min walk from Taiseng MRT Exit A)

Opening hour : 11am-9pm  Monday - Sunday

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There are many types of watches on the market, and one of them is smartwatches. The first smartwatch, Ruputer, was launched by Seiko in June 1998. Subsequently, those brands that have their own models of touch-screen phones started to manufacture their own smartwatches too. Samsung launched their smartwatch in 2013; and Apple in 2015.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we now have watches that can tell us more than the time. However, it comes along with several problems (and common solutions) too. Read on to find out the quick fixes ...

With the newest Apple watch released in September 2020, there are definitely a group of people who are looking to trade in their older version of Apple watch for the newest one. Apple has launched 8 models of watches (including Apple Watch Series 0) up till date and all of them come with more functions and features as compared to the previous version.

How much is your old Apple watch worth if you are trading in with Apple? Find out the value below, or visit Apple’s trade in site here.

Upon ...

Do you remember how the first iPad looked like, or how heavy it was compared to the lightweight ones that are available now?

Apple iPads have been around for a decade and it is still as popular as it was first launched in 2010. A reason behind the tablet’s popularity is that people are already accustomed to the iPhone.

It includes the multi-touch function, App Store, iTunes Store, and more. As of December 2020, there’s 25 models of iPads; let’s take a look at how iPads have evolved over the years.

2010 – ...